Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Eve

Tomorrow.  I work tomorrow and everyone (it never works out to be everyone) is supposed to be dressed in costume at work.  I have the painted black shirt and leggings.  Painted by my daughter but the bones of the skeleton were drawn with chalk by me---long ago.  Too scary for the toddlers. So, daughter had to turn the top and leggings inside out.

Yesterday (or was it the day before?) I purchased a tube of white and a tube of black face paint.  So, If I want, I can have a skeleton face as well.  I searched U-Tube for a tutorial on the simplest design. Just white paint around the forehead, around the cheekbones and then the chin.  Some black circle smudging around the eyes, a bit around nostrils and a black line exaggerating the line where the lips meet.  Some lines up and down to look like teeth.  Hopefully, easy to remove in case of an allergic reaction.  But I am rubbing some on the inside of my wrist today.  Waiting 30 minutes.  I should know if it will be a problem.

But.......Nothing scarier looking than a full blown allergic reaction.

G bought a big bag of candy.  Something he would eat in case no one rings the doorbell tomorrow night.

I nearly worked myself into an asthma attack going back and forth from bedroom to attic storage room changing over from Summer to Winter pants.  I still need to remove summer shirts from hangers and take them upstairs.  I stood in the attic room trying on pants.  I was left wondering.  The size 20 felt very baggy (which is something I don't mind).  The 18's are okay but too long--I don't like rolling the pants legs--hate hemming.  The 16's fit really good but for relaxing on the couch--I might want something looser.  Like pajamas.  Somehow all the storage boxes have gotten jumbled.  And since I am the only one going up there to look in the boxes--it was me that jumbled everything up.

I returned all the 12's and 14's to the "too small" box.  

I sitting here in size 16 sage green cord pants.  Feeling pretty good about myself.  Last year at this time I weighed 22 pounds (at least) more than I do now and I could barely bend over to pull on my socks.  I can see the bones in my ankles.  Feel the bones in my knees (no swelling). And feel and see my hip bones.  No inflammation.  No water retention.  No Soy in my diet. Let's be thankful for that.

At my lowest weight in 2007--I was only wearing a few size 12's and mostly size 14.  I just seem to have a large bone structure.

Reading my way through the Louise Penny series of Chief Inspector Gamache books. (Three Pines). Way, way too much time spent detailing meals.  Artery clogging meals.  Lucky for me--none of the foods described appeal to me.  Scrambled eggs with Brie?  GAG.  Eggs Benedict dripping with hollandaise????  Double gag.  I am enjoying tiny shiny skinned clementines right now.  And the Coconut Chocolate Chip Larabar.  $3.71 for a box of 5 at Target.  I have no idea why this one flavor costs less than all the others.  But I bought a bunch to last until December 24th.  My last day at work.

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