Friday, October 07, 2016

Extreme Drought Conditions In Maine.

We are experiencing something for the very first time.  since moving here to Maine in 1991--there has always been enough ground water--due to heavy snowpack in the Winter months.  Last winter was what we Mainers called an "open winter" meaning the ground was bare most of the time.  No snow pack.  And now no water in the many wells that families use.

We have Town water.  But it too, may, at some point, run dry.

G and I are thinking of getting some rain barrels for next year.  Storing rain water that runs off the roof--if and when it rains.  Any readers have experience with rain barrels?

Today was sunny and 72 here in Maine.  There have been enough frosty nights to turn our trees yellow, orange and red.  When the sun shines--it's really amazing.  Everything glowing.  Pumpkins are everywhere as are the Pumpkin Lattes.  The only pumpkin thing I like is pumpkin pie.

My cold is just about gone.  Still coughing and a bit tired but I have the weekend to rest up before next week at work.  I spent time on the couch.  Reading two entire mysteries.  Watching Storage Wars in a sort of "binge".  Watching Project Runway.  Watching Worst Cooks in America.  Love it when their frying pans catch fire.  This week they had to clean and cut up chicken livers to make a ragu sauce.  UGH.  I will NEVER do that.  And I also slept--waking only when the dog pushed his nose into my arm--to wake me up.  Remind me that he hadn't been served his luncheon.

We haven't had a "real" meal in about two weeks.  Since the stuffed cabbage.  G heats up something or makes a sandwich.  I cook rice and eat it with zucchini butter or chopped tomatoes (still have tomatoes) or I have yogurt.  We are both eating Noosa yogurt.  It's not Greek processed so not as acidic.  I just wish it came in a 4 cup container--plain.  There are always new flavors.  Some good--some weird-Peach habanero.

I haven't made any homemade Larabars.  Still trying to figure out which one is my favorite.  The coconut cream pie was very nice as was the chocolate coconut chew--but I think that one may have set off the eczema on my eye brows.  Apple pie is good.  Carrot cake was yummy but today--it just didn't do it for me.  I still haven't tried the Chocolate Brownie.  I may try the Samoa.  That's my favorite Girl Scout cookie.  And it has to be "my favorite" if I make a batch--of 10 or 12.

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