Sunday, October 23, 2016


I used to make a pan of biscuits--like anytime G or I were hungry for a "snack".  He never gained weight--but I did.  This image of biscuits being cut--well, it brings back so many memories.  Of early marriage, small babies and toddlers.  No money.  Love.

I baked biscuits the 6 years we lived in Georgia.  No biscuits were baked in Florida-- and there was no love there either.  I'm not sure any biscuits were baked in Illinois or Germany.  That's twelve full years of no biscuits.  I think I've made biscuits here in Maine.  Well, I should hope so in 25 years. But few and far between.  I've baked more pizza here.  More apple crisp.  Lots more chicken soup.

Today I have been very busy in the kitchen.  A big pan of meatballs was roasted in the oven.  Followed by a large butternut squash in cubes.  Roasting now.  On the stove top, a pan of onions, red and green peppers (the garden is still producing peppers) plus four hot frying peppers.  Nice and brown and delicious looking.  In the freezer, another pan of green peppers freezing solid for future chili making (for me--no one else likes it).  Once the squash is "golden brown and delicious" the cast iron pot filled with meatballs and marinara (Trader Joe's) will go in and cook for an hour. Later, during the football game--I will be making pizza with a sourdough crust.  Pepperoni with mushrooms  and onions.  Some red peppers on my side.

We had big rain last night.  Five inches.  Not enough to do much about the severe drought.  But it was nice to hear it pounding on the roof and windows.

I have book 2 to read.  I like reading books in order.  I also promised a young co-worker to show her the felt bee I am making.  So I need to start in on it.  So much advance time goes into the deciding what to do--and the pattern making---and then it goes pretty quickly.  The first paper bee was too thin and looked more like a Christmas Wasp.  This one I am working on is chubby.  More like a bee.  We'll see--and you will see when it is done.

The oven alarm went off.  Time to check the butternut cubes and then slide the meatballs into the oven.  I still have to vacuum and dust.

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