Monday, October 17, 2016

Bread--Essential and Singular--Food

I LOVE bread.  I have been having toasted New York Rye (When Pigs Fly) every other morning for breakfast.  Some days my eyebrows itch, somedays they don't.  My asthma doctor says I don't have a food allergy.  That the days my eyebrows itch is a day when I have breathed in dust.

As much as I would LOVE to believe him--- I really don't want to test his theory by eating bread everyday.  That rash is really awful.  I don't like walking around looking like I got a really bad sunburn all around my eyes.  Like red swollen googles.  And it itches.


If I had to give up pasta to have bread in my life---I would.  Right now I have neither.  Just steamed white Jasmine rice.  Rice pasta was very weird.  Rice flour is like eating sand.  So, just rice.

Politics and Football are making me a real nervous wreck these days.  I had to get up at halftime and make G something to eat (pulled pork and shredded cheddar on a flour tortilla--fried in a frying pan till crispy)  and I pulled out some felt hearts I had kitted up for a class years ago and have already completed three.  I have even added the backing and stuffed them.  Hearts with three leaves in the center then topped with two stacked circles.  All the pieces buttonhole stitched in red or gold.  Now that I have found a good green--the next three will have some green buttonholing.  The completed heart is about 6 inches wide and 6 inches tall.  I have a burgundy and cream one but no felt with which to make the backing.

I had three library books.  But I had read two already (long ago) and the third was only a 7 day loan.  Then I had no books.  Today, G went and picked up one book.  And it's one I haven't read.  Hoorah!!!

Still trying to find an allergy doctor.  Most of them are 60 to 90 minutes away on high speed highways like I95.  And most appointments (I can get) are with a Nurse Practitioner.   My experience with NP's is that they like to try and do everything to you.  Whether you need it or not.  They just want to. And they aren't doctors.  I don't mind seeing them for follow up visits--- when a real doctor has seen me and started a treatment plan.  I have one potential doctor.  But I need my primary to make a referral.  So, I'll be on the phone tomorrow.  My Primary may not like this doctor.  We'll see.

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