Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Always Some Kind Of Problem

I saw this delightful picture of cats doing Physics equations while the child is adding up legs and hands.  It feels like that some days.

The number on the scale went back to 2 this morning. (expletive)

I cut off all the bad parts of the remaining tomatoes.  Roasted half as a rough pasta sauce and made the rest into Tomato Basil Soup for G.  I also cored the last few red bell peppers and roasted them.

The Vitamix is here and I am using it to make cucumber, lemon, ginger water.  The machine completely changes the items into a pale green water.  No solids.  Tasty when I get the lemon part just right.  And when I remember to toss the foam.  Foam equals ICK.  Entire cucumber (peeled is best), entire half of lemon without peel.  Ginger with peel.  Using the cucumber with peel makes a very green liquid.  Not awful but more bitter than I like.  Or enjoy drinking.  54 ounces.

I don't think cucumber water is enough of a use to justify the cost of the machine.

Drinking that much cucumber water makes me feel woozy, wobbly and needing protein.

I must (MUST the teens at work shout!) join Pinterest so I can find better Vitamix Recipes.

I'm thinking of making the Tortilla Soup.  But I have no corn chips.  The Teens would be horrified.

I am also freezing banana chunks in case I decide to have a Banana Strawberry Smoothie.  The Teens at work say "it's awesome and I will love it".  The Teens are taking me under their wings. I'll be wearing Converse high tops any day now.

I think I will go with the soup (I can hear the Teens cheering).  Making it either the old fashioned way  (BOO!!!) or in the Vitamix.  I saw a tip that said to use hot water to shorten the blending time.  Six minutes of that very loud motor would hurt Riley's ears.  And without corn chips.  I'll add black beans. At the very end.

What a boring few days.

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Anne said...

I enjoy reading about your harvest, and what you are making. Hope that you weigh yourself first thing in the morning before breakfast !! ....