Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pumpkin Time

Either you are buying Pumpkin Lattes from Starbucks or you are drinking Pumpkin Ale.  But not me. I even chatted with a woman in line at Walmart regarding the Libby's boxes of Pumpkin Bread Kits in her cart.  She laughed and admitted it's the only way she can make bread.  If Libby stops making it--well, she hopes they never do.   My grocery doesn't carry the "kits".  Does yours?

My eyes are burning.  That nasty rash is back and it didn't have anything to do with the retail job of last Fall.  There must be something in the air that I just don't get along with.  Rubbing my eyes feels so good---but then it itches 1,000 times more when I stop.  I have been going to bed with a cold wet compress on my eyes.  And my hands tightly clenched.

I bought a package of Zyrtec to try.  The Benadryl wasn't working.

I have MS's Southern Pulled Pork in the oven roasting.  I went to the grocery and the meat looked good so I am cooking meat this week.  A very nice pot roast on Tuesday.  I got everything prepped and in the oven before taking my allergy tablet.  I also have a French Cabbage Soup recipe to try. I ate the last of the Italian Carrot Soup yesterday at work.

It's very humid here in Maine.  No sun.  I am glad I worked yesterday and have today off.

Last night, as I was clicking thru the channels (trying) to find something to watch, I caught the very first 5 minutes of QVC's presentation on the new short Vitamix.  AND it came with the $144 dry blade and jar--free.  So I ordered it.  I chose the brown Espresso unit.  The dry blade and canister means I can grind nuts, grains and anything else into "flour" for use in gluten free recipes.  I can make oil, sugar and salt free peanut butter.  G wants to make 6 minute soups.  The short machine fits under the cabinets.  The one I bought (and returned unused in 30 days) was the tall model, no dry blade and stainless.  It just wasn't the right time for it.

I am going to try the margarita mix with one peeled orange, one peeled lime and one peeled lemon. And I may finally try a smoothie.  And one of the caller said she made the marinara sauce.  And it was so delicious she canned 80 jars of it already.  I am going to try that.

G is enjoying the Blueberry Jam I made for him.  Sigh.  That means he'll eat his way thru the 8 pint jars.  I gave number 9 to a co-worker and she opened it and tried a spoonful and swooned.  She has quite a sweet tooth (like G) and sprinkled two packs of sugar on her slice of birthday pie.  To make it extra sweet.

My son called me for my birthday and I took advantage and talked to him for almost 2 hours.  Thank you sweetie!!!  You sounded so happy--it made me happy.

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