Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Hiccup In The Road

My PT has ended and my knee and hip pain return.  It's not that the PT was doing anything I could notice.  And I did wear a new pair of shoes to work two days in a row.  And I have been joining the dog on his morning walks (on uneven forest paths).  Add it all together and it's not surprising that I would be having trouble.  I tend to think of this blog as a journal of sorts so I will write this to remind myself.

I have a the link to the 10x10 art show.  There are over 100 entries and mine will be way at the end in the S's.  The sale itself will occur on September 26th.  I am wondering at the way I trimmed my pieces.  Leaving more space on the right than the left.  Oh, and if you click on the images, they appear in another window, much large and clearer.  In the one I can see that there was some additional texture in the painted background fabric to add interest.  Perhaps that was why?  I just don't know. Next year I may do pastels or just go ahead and paint.  I do know how to paint.

The mums and asters are coming in by the cartful as people switch out their annuals for fall mums. The hay and straw bales are piled up.  Could pumpkins  and Halloween be far away???  Christmas hasn't arrived at my workplace yet, but I see it everywhere else.

The September full (super) moon brought freezing temps to the north western part of Maine.  I have already started wearing a sweater and socks-- not everyday, but some of them.  Today, my day off it's cold, I intend to go foraging in the garden for tomatoes and peppers (I think the peppers are done) and pull the red onions.  G was grilling a steak a few days ago and I had him throw a few peppers and the remainder of of oriental eggplant (long thin) on the grill to char.  I had the peppers and eggplant in an omelet for supper.

When did we stop eating meals together?  When I stopped eating what could be called "a meal".

I am trying to continue  drinking the cucumber slices, lemon and mint water but it has NEVER tasted as good as the first batch.  Not cucumber-y enough.  That first cucumber must have been the best one I owned.  I was compelled to drink more and more water with the first batch.  Now I am forcing myself to drink.

I cleaned out the "new" fridge's freezer in anticipation of the loaner fridge going back to Loew's.  Got rid of things that had been in there over a year.  Last summer's blueberries.  I don't have space for this summer's blueberries so I am making blueberry jam with most of the berries I froze. G thinks he might eat it. (might)  My figs haven't ripened and the cooler weather isn't helping.  I might suggest dragging the tree and pot into the sunporch.  But we might lose the figs while dragging the very heavy pot into the house.  I also have more tomatoes to deal with and I have to decide whether I am planting garlic this fall.  I don't use much garlic.  I think it makes people stink.

I have two zucchini which I will be making into fritters.  The last of them.  And I will be slicing cucumbers for the very last of the cucumber and sour cream salads.  I think we have enough of everything to make one final caprese salad with tomatoes, mozzarella and toasted baguette.  A very busy day in the kitchen.  Saturday ends up being an all day cooking day.  Some sort of pasta ends up being our evening meal, depending on what I have from the garden that needs using up--pronto.

And then I need to start closing down the garden.  I still have green beans and October raspberries to look forward to (sans yellow jackets) and the B. sprouts but the rest needs pulling and carting to the compost bin.  Too soon the garden will be covered in snow.

The diet has stalled once again.  My clothes are looser.  I am calling it a "win".

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