Thursday, September 04, 2014

Time To Find Recipes Using Cabbage

My cabbages are nice and big.  They need to be picked.  But where to store them?  I got carried away again and planted too many.  Three cabbages are enough when I am the only one eating them.  I think I only planted three but it looks like six.  Good thing they are "keepers" and will still be around after everything else is compost.  One cabbage is reserved for my birthday pot roast dinner.  Cole slaw. With my home grown carrots.  Yum.

Now that all the college and high school kids are gone, we are down to the "nub" with the number of employees working shifts.  Like 3 where there were 8.  I have been doing Floral calls (along with everything else).  I like it.  But won't say so as that is the "kiss of death" to any opportunity to stay there.  Happiness isn't a concept my employer approves of.

Only one more PT appointment.  Nothing is completely better.  Nothing is worse.  I have a series of good exercises to do which I am actually doing.  The foot doctor recommends that I call for an appointment if I "need one" but otherwise it was nice to meet me and goodbye.  I guess I am fine now.  Still tape-ing my toes.  There is some improvement and my knee pain is manageable.  We think the toes and the knee are linked.  It's all in the way I walk. And one hip is still higher than the other no matter how many stretches I do.  So I am "off side".

My diet sucks.  I am doing everything right and I am re-gaining weight.  Yep.  I lost almost 10 pounds and now it is all coming back.  But, and here is the mystery of dieting, part, I am wearing a smaller size that I couldn't fit into before.  My husband says it's all water.  Because it's in the mid to high 80's here in Maine.  I might have to start wearing a ring.  I always knew if I was retaining water by how snug or loose my ring was.

So, all of August was doctors, diet and water retention.

The fridge is still working.  I am reconsidering the items that once were in the fridge.  I threw away a bunch of things in the freezer section that had been there so long, I forgot what they were.  Un- labeled things went.  Things with more frost that food--went.  Last year's blueberries went.  Upstairs in the fridge I am second guessing bottled things we never use, all the flax and almond meal I used to make things that pretended to be bread, and the vast amounts of chocolate.  Why?  I think I thought I would be eating 78% dark chocolate as a low carb snack.  Not!!!!!  Too much caffeine and it tastes bad.  I will try and keep it until December and make bark to give as gifts.

Pretty soon we will have to return the loaner fridge to Lowe's.  I will miss it very much.  I liked having an empty freezer when I had trays of berries to freeze.  When I had trays of peppers to freeze. Which reminds me I have a tray of red pepper strips in there right now which I need to pack into a freezer bag.

I am going to fold the load of laundry I tossed into the dryer before work, go out an fill my garden basket with more tomatoes, peppers and see if the zucchini gods have gifted me with "just one more" zucchini.  Perhaps a few more cucumbers.  There are still October raspberries and the figs to wait for.
It's a small garden but it is bountiful and I try my very best to make use of it all

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Tracy said...

I saw a recipe today for grilled cabbage. It looked good, maybe if I had a cabbage I'd try it.