Saturday, November 23, 2013

Undecided & Crazy

The week hasn't been my best.  I had to clear the (very low) tables again on Thursday (greenhouse) after a day of retail and my back starting pinging the way it does just before it seizes up.  I didn't have the bottle of opiates with me as I didn't think it a good idea to take them at work and walking seems to be okay with the bursitis.  So I took a big orange pill (I had one of the those in the depths of my lunch bag) and the pain went away.  And the RASH came back.  NSAID allergy.

Work on Friday?  I looked great.  My right eye looked like I had gotten sucker punched.  And I was under the influence of the opiates.  Nine carts of poinsettias. Talking to myself.

Today?  No pills as yet. My day off. I had three pills yesterday and found that to be very disturbing.  The rash is still itchy.  I am dusting, cleaning, throwing things away (mostly catalogs).  Folding laundry.  Reading my book. Trying to decide on the paper, the pen and the envelope (which determines the size of the drawing) for the Christmas tree cards.  The doodles.  It may mean a trip to the store for card stock.  Unless I find I have something here in the house I can use.  I have so much. But where???? I can add "looking for paper" to the list for today.

My friend is coming over at 3 to select more fabric for placemats.  Then G and I will go with her to dinner at our favorite place.  So, 3 hours to get some house work done around here.

Have I told you lately how grateful I am for you dear Readers?  Really.  At the end (or middle) of a good or bad day, I can sit here and share it with you.  Rather than just talk to myself--out loud.  A very bad habit I seem to have fallen into at work.  The kids notice.  Ask which imaginary person I am talking to.  I say myself.  I had thought I was doing it quietly, in my head.  Nope.


Annie said...

Oh my, you'll have to watch that talking to yourself out loud or the kids will have the men in white coats after you. Just teasing, I talk to myself out loud too, dh will say "are you talking to me?" Nope.."just to myself!"

MariMo said...

Not to worry, dearest Joanne, I talk to myself all the time - especially in stressy periods. It's great - I AM ALWAYS RIGHT in these discussions..... I hope your back will be better soon and that you find the solution for your rash problem. Hugs to you and G - and warm greetings from Fred and Annette Halliday!!