Saturday, November 09, 2013

Interesting Dining Room From Southern Living

This dining room is on the "other" side of that kitchen design so many of you liked.  What I was amazed by was the use of so many windows in this designer home.  Something I lucked out with. The table here is nearly mine but the chairs--too cool.  I may have to find some like this for my dining area but I would need 10 or 12 of them.  And the terrariums on the table?  Wonderful!!

The electrician is going to install an outlet under the center of the table so I can run electric from the floor up into the table top (requiring a hole).  The ceiling over the table is 12 feet high--so any light would be too high or look too small hanging.  You can hardly SEE the chandelier the designer used in this picture.  I DO own a very large, heavy brass chandelier that came with the house.  We took it down after I had smashed my head into it far too many times.

I have been looking at appliances.  Specifically a new range.  I saw an Italian model in the blog posts at "Faith's Kitchen Renovation: The Full Story". She fell in love with the slide in 36 inch model and I think I did too.  But.  That means changing everything on that wall.  And where do I put the oven???? And how do I justify the cost which would include getting a propane tank and connecting it to the house.  But.  That means gas logs in the living room fireplace = heat in the living room and cheerful ambiance if we actually entertain in there during the winter.  It, entertaining, has happened ONCE in recent memory (there was chocolate cake).  I tried to get a picture of the range top but it didn't work so I will have to try to "link" to it.

I worked retail one day this week, took one Aleve that day and had the rash again.  Since I worked and used Aleve I have no idea which is the cause.  Today the itch is gone (Burt's Bee Hand Salve) and I am using Tylenol (not a NSAID) for the hip pain.  Which is getting worse each day.  Today I am trying to rest but I had to go to the grocery, Goodwill to drop off stuff, and Target to get the on sale thermal undershirts I like so much.  I got white this time.

I roasted a 5 pound butternut squash (in cubes with olive oil and salt) this morning and then used 3.3 pounds of ground beef to make a big pot of chili with red kidney beans, onions and green peppers from my garden after returning from the grocery.  I found, quite by accident, that chili tastes great with butternut squash cubes.  Half and half.  And I bought the multi grain baked pretzel twists that taste even better dipped in peanut butter. Oh, I also bought apples for this week's fruit.  Now if I could just settle on a good breakfast that I actually enjoy eating.  The oatmeal is good but not interesting.  Perhaps I could use less water and get it to be more chewy.

I witnessed an act of kindness as I was leaving the grocery parking lot.  A car with a family inside had broken down and a stranger had gotten out of his car and helped push the car out of traffic and into the Domino's parking lot.  All the traffic in both lanes was stopped.  Waiting patiently for the car to be pushed to safety.  At times like this I am grateful that there are kind people willing to help others.

On another note:  At the retail job I saw so many Canadians with their red poppy pinned to their coats. In the center was the Canadian maple leaf. The Brits also wear the red poppy in November. I am left wondering where our poppy pin is?  Why doesn't America share in this Veteran's Day (November) tradition.  Anyone crafty out there want to start a business making poppies?

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