Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving & Birthday!!!

Today is G's birthday.  He was born on Thanksgiving Day--just in time for dinner many, many years ago.  And, turkey is his favorite dinner.  I didn't even have to make a cake.

The carpenter guys have been here all week--adding trim to all the new windows and installing the bead board on the far wall (the wall the island will be facing) and the wall I will be looking at while I wash dishes in my new sink--someday.

And now that the windows are trimmed and the bead board all is up-- my carpenter suggests I start believing him when he tells me the kitchen (and the house) are ACTUALLY COTTAGE and NOT rustic modern.  Sigh.  So I have to stop looking at modern stuff and start looking at cottage.

Even the windows I chose--four over nothing--are signature cottage.  Who knew???? Well, J knew.

My turkey went into the oven late but I had the pie, the stuffing (which is outside the bird, so technically it's dressing), the sweet potatoes, the green bean casserole (minus the soup) and a big bowlful of tiny Brussels sprouts from my very own garden.  Delicious even raw.  And I even ran across the street to deliver the remainder of my celery to my neighbor.  She gifted me with a very warm jar of brandied cranberries she just made.  My daughter and I opened the jar--very brandied--and tasted.  I think they are going onto some ice cream in the near future.  On a day neither of us drive anywhere.

Have the happiest of holidays!  This is the only one based on good food.  So eat!!!!  And on being thankful--so contemplate the things in your life that make you thankful.


MariMo said...

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the birthday party.

Annie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy b-day to G

Enjoyed a very good turkey dinner with all the fixins' with our daughter,son-in-law and step granddaughter. They've just left and am relaxing now, waiting to get hungry again for some left overs. Got my eye on that last piece of pumpkin pie, yum!