Saturday, November 30, 2013

And Then One Has To Accept The Truth

My kitchen is "cottage".  Not rustic modern or any of the other things I wanted it to be.  While I was thinking those thoughts, I was also choosing four over nothing windows (nothing says cottage like 4 over nothing) and asking J to put up a whole wall of beadboard paneling.

Now I have to redefine my plans.  I may even have to include upper cabinets.  This is unpleasant. But in truth, I already have uppers in the two bookcases attached to the vaulted entrance from the foyer. Any kitchen uppers would be on this very wall, alongside the bookcases.  So, actually, they could be just like the bookcases but with a set of doors near the top, or a microwave or an oven.  See how these things slither in?  A wall of "bookcases" pretending to be kitchen cupboards marching along with the fridge in the mid section.  And room on top for plants.  Or birdcages.

When "cottage" was pointed out to me in very stern words by the carpenter -an intervention of sorts----- I had a handful of Cottage Design books right on the bookshelves to refer to.  And I could see that each and every decision that I had made (with ease) was right there on the pages.  The decisions I am having a hard time making--well, that was because they were wrong.

I now know what sort of cabinet fronts to order.  I know what color they will be (white) or (gray green).  I know what the drawer pulls will be.  And--blessed are the unobservant--I know the only choice for the counter tops is black soapstone.  Did you see that coming?????

I don't have pictures--because those are not the kitchen I collected pictures of.  But I will, now.

I will end with a domestic issue a co-worker experienced on the evening of Thanksgiving.  His wife was in charge of delivering corporate gift pies (from a very nice bakery) to employees of her company.  There were five leftover which she brought home.  My co-worker enjoyed ONE slice of chocolate cream pie the night before. Then after all the hubbub of the holiday was past he wandered in search of another slice of pie.  To find that all departing guests had left with a boxed pie (even the chocolate cream with a slice missing) as a gift from the wife and my co worker couldn't even find a crumb of pie to eat.  He mentioned the brief but not pleasant chat he had with his wife.  I think she went out Friday morning in search of a pie.  I cannot imagine the grief from G if I had given away HIS pumpkin pie. And what would you think to get a gifted pie and find a slice missing???

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Annie said...

I laughed at the pie story. :-)