Monday, November 11, 2013

Chicken Soup Weather

It's cold.  Even with a down jacket, I was freezing cold on my quick visit to the grocery for "on sale" chicken thighs, No Yolk noodles, a very big onion and some celery.  I got five pounds of thighs for under $5.  99 cents a pound.  I added the carrots, garlic clove and stems of flat leaf parsley to the pot. It's simmering as I type.  G loves chicken soup weather.  He loves chicken soup.

G is out in the unheated garage working on the three 48 inch Christmas Wreaths we hang in the curves of the front porch.  He purchased them, many years ago, from a guy selling things he had removed from a shopping mall.  We hoped he hadn't stolen the stuff.  One wreath (the one we used last year) has working lights.  The other two--don't.  Now if it was up to me--I would buy the other two wreaths new lights.  G is trying to "fix" the lights.

Today is a total carb fest.  I woke up at 1130 (really, I slept!!!) and had three slices of WPF New York Rye, toasted, with two cups of coffee.  I read the paper.  Then I started eating those multi grain baked pretzel sticks.  (I bought more at the grocery) Then I ate an apple.  I slept last night because my hip hurt so bad that I needed a Big Orange Pill.  And, at the same time, my face and right eye were itching like crazy.  I have a doctor's ap on Monday.

This morning, as usual after a bad day, the itch is gone and I am having little trouble walking or standing.  And the Big Orange Pill made it possible for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. I have no idea what it's doing to my BP.  Life is a mystery.

I looked at pictures of the Thermador Pro (I can imagine myself as a Pro) range with dual fuels.  Gas on top and electric oven.  I liked the looks of it.  I have cooked on all the variations of stove tops.  Gas. Electric coils. Electric Induction (glass top).  Slide in, stand alone, built in, cook top, wall oven etc. They all perform the same---once you get used to them.  Gas is especially nice because you adjust the flame and get what you want.  It's hard to judge the heat of electric coils or induction at first.  I have had gas ovens, electric ovens and convection ovens.  Like I said--it just takes time to adjust.  And, my husband will be the first to tell you--I hate them all in the beginning.

I usually hate any kind of change.

G is looking for the boxes of Christmas Lights.  He put them away.  I ALWAYS ask him to let ME put them away.  I can find what I put away.  He just puts things, never thinking about leaving a clue as to where it was he "shoved" whatever it was.  Now all the Christmas lights are "lost" in the attic. So, I guess I have to go up there, in my winter coat, hat and gloves, and look for the boxes.  So not what I want to be doing.

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Paula, the quilter said...

Homemade chicken soup sounds wonderful. I like to buy the rotisserie chickens from the store and then use the leftovers in either soup or enchiladas. This morning, after our Sunday chicken dinner, hubby finally confessed that he always gets a terrible gut ache from them. It took me a bit but I asked him if he got the same reaction to the hormone,antibiotic-free chicken breasts that I usually buy. No he doesn't, so now I need to start buying the whole chickens and roasting them myself. I have been cleaning up the food that we eat and that one slipped right by me. Now I need to find a different turkey for Thanksgiving.