Monday, November 04, 2013

Tomato Jam

This was from that day--it seems like months ago--when I made tomato jam.  It simmers for about three hours.  Tastes mighty fine on a vegetable burger your friend brings over for lunch.

My firmed wanted to learn how to make a placemat to use as a Christmas Gift.  We selected fabric and cut (with a mat and rotary cutter) and then stitched.  She made four.  Took them home to turn up the edges and slipstitch by hand.

Today she called to say she had used the coupon I gave her to buy more felt (for the batting) and her very own rotary cutter.  She's coming over to pick out more fabric.

Feels good to have taught her something that is making her so happy.

G and I did the last two beds in the garden.  The top few inches are already frozen.  Too soon. I wish winter would wait longer to get here--or even forget to arrive this year.

Connie the magazine arrived on Saturday.  Great pictures.  And the Thanksgiving recipes--awesome. Thank you so much.