Wednesday, November 06, 2013


I promise pictures and an interesting post.  The days, here, are so dark and slow.

I started the day with oatmeal.  Not sure how much to have so I made too much and just had the rest for supper.  At 7 pm.

Cookies give me indigestion. Good enough reason not to eat any more of them. Seeded crackers are okay.

Lunch was a sausage, onion, kale (I picked it in my pajamas this morning), roasted butternut omelet with a bit of cheese.  So big that I only took half to work to eat with some salad greens and olive oil and vinegar.  I will have the rest tomorrow at my "other" job.  Which is turning out to be ONE day every 7 to 9 days.  I'm wondering IF things will pick up Thanksgiving week????  Supposed to rain all day tomorrow.  I'm working 2:30 to 10:30pm.  UGH.  Double UGH!!!

I started applying Burt's Bees Hand Salve to my face and eye socket areas.  The dry skin is almost a memory and the itching has stopped.  I know it sounds like a bad idea but my daughter says she rubs it on everything and it always makes whatever it was disappear.  "It's a miracle" is something we say  (in our family) when something actually works.  The pharmacist suggested rubbing dry skin with the lip balm stick from Burt's Bees when we couldn't find the skin cream.  Now I know I just need the Hand Salve.  It's a miracle.

Another miracle is the $10 leather bag I got yesterday.  I've looked and looked and can't find the flaw. I also can't understand why the 200 people who walked past it before I arrived at the front of the cash out line, didn't buy it.  I saw it, picked it up and walked to the register and plucked it down.  It was $20 but I got it for half price. What!!!!  I pick it up (about ten times since I purchased it) and unzip it and look at it and can't find the reason it was marked down.  It's one of those large bags (that women think are great handbags) that they show in fashion mags.  No buckles or chains.  Just very high quality black leather.  I, quite simply, am in love with it.  That doesn't mean I will ever get an iPad, iPhone or other stuff to fill the pockets meant for those items. I am almost interested in taking a road trip--just to take it somewhere.  Picture tomorrow.

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Annie said...

Yup, waiting to see that bag. I love bags of all kind, have a collection that never get used, I hate carrying a bag when I'm out and about. I put a wallet in a pocket of whatever I'm wearing and that's it. I had to laugh once when someone asked me,"what's it like not carrying a purse"? I just find them too heavy and hurts my shoulder.

Also, how can you put anything around your eye area and not get it in your eyes so that they don't burn and water and can hardly see, that's what happens to me if I'm not real careful about applying my daily face lotion?