Sunday, November 10, 2013

Slightly Less But Lots of Black Soapstone

The reviews on the Italian range--not so good.  The oven temp knobs are low, med and high.  Just a suggestion of temp--nothing definite like 325. Those Italians! And nothing so large as a turkey would fit. And repairs?  Oh, lots of those to "fine tune" and get the burners to work---again and again.

The GE Monogram self cleaning electric oven regularly sets fire to the nearby cabinets.

The things one learns.  I am going local to look at the Thermador.  My guys (who repair all else here) will be able to service that, I hope.  Though the one guy told me to keep my 27 year (plus) old things as long as he can get parts.  The new stuff.  Some of it has no repairable parts.  You have to replace. What is the world coming to, eh?

Work today. Cold and raining but we have a newly installed (natural gas) heat source in the greenhouse.  We were cozy.  Next weekend is the Holiday Open House.  The Poinsettias will arrive soon.

G is trying to make way in the garage for our cars.  There are too many construction items.  I think we will ask J to take it all away or help carry it to the attic.  With the way I am making decisions---it will be 8 or 10 or even 12 weeks before all the parts of this new kitchen are delivered.  Too long to be parking out in the snow and tripping over wood on the garage floor.

I am quickly losing interest in the new kitchen.  I don't like making compromises.  Make enough and what you end up with isn't even a whisper of what you wanted.  In that case--hey, keep what you have.  It sounded simple enough.  A large island.  A new range with drawers on either side.  A lovely expanse of a countertop that I "loved" touching.

And now I have to figure out where to move the central vac that is in a wall that is being removed.  If the wall is being removed.  It's never a good idea to push me into a corner.

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