Thursday, November 07, 2013

It's Going To Be A LONG Day

I know you are all interested in the progress of my "doodle" so here is what has happened since last time.  I added some pencils lines but I think I may need them to be darker.  It's coming along.  I should start another and then I'll be able to adjust or modify some of the elements in this doodle that didn't work as expected.

I am thinking of resuming the annual Christmas Tree Christmas card.  I stopped for awhile there. Two years I think, going on three. Lost friends and people dying.  I got depressed as my list of ten kept getting smaller.  Yesterday at work (greenhouse) I wrote a new list.  Longer than the original list.  I surprised myself by having made so many new connections.  I need to work on keeping them strong.  I think a Doodle tree on this year's card would be delightful.  I could work on them whenever I have a free few minutes.

Here is the "bag".  Not easily photographed.  I managed to stuff a few books, a lunch tote and a jacket in it to see just how much I could carry.  It would be an amazing travel bag.  Book, sweater, snack, purse, cosmetics etc.  I found it on line to see what it costs at retail.  $179.  (Ten Dollars on Tuesday).  The straps are a few inches too short to be truly amazing.  Meaning it could go over the shoulder if the handles were longer.  I read a few years of comments (and returns) and the company making this didn't even try to change it.  A few inches more of leather and these things would be amazing.  Looks like a Coach bag and one third the price.  I'm wondering if I could add a strap to the metal handle attachments and get the bag to go "cross body" like a messenger bag?  Coach might sell that sort of thing in plain black leather.  Commenters didn't like the smooth leather which gets roughed up and scratched.  I guess they don't use the leather conditioner that Coach sells---- fixes all that.  Me?  I don't like the "pebbled" leather finish.  Looks like fake leather.

My bag looks like it was used for awhile before being returned for a refund.  The leather is all soft and perfect to me.  Most of the things we get to purchase are returns or damaged.  G got a new down jacket because someone cut a small hole in the side.  Small.  We'll add a piece of black electrical tape (it's a black jacket) and G will wear it--well, forever.  The 850 down jackets are so light and warm.  Delicious.  Now--if I can find a bargain dog bed insert for Riley everyone will be happy.  So far, they have all been rectangles.  Riley sleeps on circles.


Annie said...

Love the idea of a doodle tree for your Christmas card, great idea. Lucky people on your list.

Nice looking bag too, good bargain.

MariMo said...

I agree - doodles on the Christmas card sounds lovely.