Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Doctor's Visit Update

Blood work--three of the tubes-- came back completely normal (the nurse called in the late afternoon).  Nothing.  I am still waiting to hear the vitamin D results.

The pain reliever prescription was very potent.  Like having two or three strong drinks.  I slept well. Slight headache this morning.  Can't take it during the day, though ---can you imagine trying to work like that?  The eye rash was back last night.  I have salve on it and trying not to rub my eyes.

That's it for now.  Blustery. Wind. 39 degrees as a high.  Not like yesterday.  Greenhouse today. Retail tomorrow.  I made my little homemade work calendar (where I write where and when I am working) for the remainder of November (9 days till Thanksgiving), all of December and half of January.  My greenhouse job usually ends before the 24th and I don't know about the retail.   I can't believe the year is over already.

The retail job is perfect right now--- one day a week.  I have two days the week of Thanksgiving. I hope it stays this way.  We think they "over hired" for the season.  No one is getting the number of hours they wanted.  Except me! LOL

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