Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday, And It's Cold

I bundled up for work today, but the greenhouse was very warm.  Kept shedding layers until it was time to go home --then I had to add.  The electrician was here at the house.  I really must start looking for light fixtures.

I'm tired.  Really tired.  I wore blue jeans to work today and I am NOT a blue jeans gal.  It felt like I was dragging rocks around.  They are so heavy.  It was an effort to walk, bend and just remain standing.  How do so many people do it????  These jeans have no spandex.  Just heavy duty jean material.  And I will not be wearing them again.  I'll go back to my nice, soft LIGHT corduroy.

I am going to take a shower, put on some lighter, softer clothes.  Sit.  Quietly.  Be thankful for my husband, kids and dog today.  A blogging friend posted such a hauntingly loving and sad update on her husband's cancer------- it breaks my heart and makes what I have here, so much sweeter.

Take care.  Hug your loved ones!

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