Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yesterday's Surprise

No, it's not a new car, but it sure does look new.   It's my old car (2008) which G has CLEANED.  Vacuumed all the spilled cow manure and assorted other things out of the carpets.  Scrubbed the floor mats.  ArmorAll all over everything else.  And, yes, those are black leather seats in a Honda Fit.  My dad.  He didn't like dog hair all over the seats.  And this was his car for 6 weeks and 105 miles.  And then it came to me.

This morning I slid into the front seat, like usual, and kept going. Whoop!!! The seat of my pants is all slip and slide now as well.  But it's so shiny (the car not the seat of my pants).  Just like brand new.

I did my part and cleaned the windows and even managed to scrape the last of the pine sap (dried on there for years and years) off the windshield.  The wipers won't know what to make of it.  I don't know what to make of it.  But I am very pleased.

Yesterday I decided I need to join the rest of the world.  I decided I need a phone.  A cell phone.  G dropped me off yesterday for an appointment and then drove off.  I didn't know where but I assumed he would come back in a reasonable amount of time.  He didn't.  I was fretting and two nice ladies noticed and asked if he had a phone.  I said yes.  So one of the nice women handed me hers.  I called and he drove right up.  I never would have known where he was parked and he was reading a good book--so it could have been awhile before he remembered me.  And it was hot and I needed to hurry back into town and go to work.  I can see "calling" G when I have had enough of browsing around a store and want to go home.  He has used his phone to call me from the backyard.  Geez.  When my son, the techno whiz, finally gets a cell phone, we'll all know the world as we know it has ended.  But, he thought I would be the last one.

I was told, by the girls at the registers (at work), that my "smile" when I come up the ramp from the greenhouse to help customers is "really wonderful".  Makes them smile.  Hey, it's working!!!!  And the customers think I am really happy to see them.  Which is true.  Because the more I smile, the happier I am.  Duh!

I have slept very well for the past two nights.  First night was due to the Margaritas.  Last night due to the "big Orange Pill".  I stood in one spot for way too long yesterday holding something heavy in one arm.  I was off balance.  Not good.

I wore a new (to me) LLBEAN shirt.  It's made of something that drys quickly and it has a net lining under the back yolk which is supposed (I think) to be cooler in hot weather.  I felt very hot and sweaty when I wore it at work today. But the shirt stayed dry.  It's baby blue.  Very light in weight.  Now that I think about it, the shirt could have gotten wet when I was feeling sweaty but it dried right away.  I think it's for camping or outdoor sports.  It has lots of loops to hook things on and the pockets have that velcro tape. Now that I notice the loop up by my left shoulder--I could have hung my radio there.  I may toss the shirt in the wash and wear it again tomorrow. It will be dry by morning.  Or sooner.

This could be the only shirt I ever need.  Wash and dry every night.  I wonder what it's made of?