Saturday, July 13, 2013

Accept What You Can't Change

1.  Accept what you can't change.  See, this is hard for me.  I have to constantly get a real hard knock from other people.  I real gut punch.  Most of these reality checks make my eyes tear up.  I may look like a real tough gal, but I'm not.  Yesterday was a really rough day at work.  I am getting really weary of spending the work day trying not to cry.  G says it's the heat and maybe it's this way every July.

2.  The heat.  It's back and should be in the 90's for awhile. I can't change the weather.

3.  I got bitten by a deer fly while watering the perennial yard yesterday.

4.   I can't make the deer fly bite on my elbow go away.   Can't delete it.  My right elbow is extremely swollen and red.  The elbow bones ache.  I took two Benadryl. So I am spending the day clearing up loose ends.  The dining room table clutter.  Changing the bed sheets.  Doing laundry.  Tearing up an old tee to make tomato ties. Putting books back in the bookcases.  Peeling and slicing 2 cucumbers.  Making pasta for dinner.  Perhaps making a dessert.  Some low carb flour less brownies with Splenda.

5.  The paper bag with a tomato and seven rock hard peaches is working.  The peaches are ripening.  And I put a few green tomatoes in the bag and they are turning red as well.  Everyone is "off gassing" whatever it takes to ripen stuff. The green tomatoes have to have at least a small amount of pink or red on them.  Meaning they are ready to ripen.  They came from work.  My own tomatoes are still babies.

6.   We followed a Reader recommendation and are watching The Commander on Netflix.  Neither of us likes the Commander.  A real slut.  And, it's confusing to see flashbacks to things we haven't seen, even though we started at episode one.  The new guy, an inspector from York, is smarter and more professional.  We like him.  G and I decided to watch the remaining episodes, hoping we'll like them better as time goes by.

7.  I participated in a group interview on Thursday.  There were eight of us (6 men and 2 women).  All very different.  But if it had been a dinner party, I would be raving over the most interesting dinner conversation.  I don't know how we were chosen.  But delighted to have been included.  I even got a book recommendation from one of the men.

8.  In keeping with accepting my body as it is right now, I purchased a new pair of cropped knit pants and knit pencil skirt.  Both fit nicely.  Both are a size I don't want to be, but I accept it.

9.  In the same vein, I wore a pair of black cotton slacks to the interview that I purchased in August of 2007.  I remember because we stopped at the Coldwater Creek outlet on the way to the last Quilt Show I attended in Manchester NH.  Not tight.  Fit the same as they did the day I bought them.  Buttoned. That was at the point in the 365 day diet where I  had lost 66 pounds (first time buying a size 14) and was starting to think I would never lose another pound.  Like a message.  I think.  And hope.

10.  I can't change other people.  I can't change the weather.  I can only TRY to change myself.  I have to return to the "smile" project.  And just smile more.  The customer who complained of my negativity wasn't wrong.  I have been more negative lately ( I just wasn't ready to accept it) and I need to get past that.  Be a better human.  SMILE even though my heart and mind aren't into it all the time.  Life isn't easy. July isn't easy.  I should vacuum out my car.

Be good. Stay cool.  Eat ice cream.  Thank you for reading!!!


Anonymous said...

well shucks, I thought you would like this one (Commander). I watched seasons 4&5 on Amazon Prime. I didn't find her slutty so much as lonely and in need of someone, therefore she chooses anyone.

MariMo said...

I like your "smile" recommendation. I will try that out immediately.