Saturday, July 06, 2013

Way Too Hot

I made it through the past few days of very hot weather.  No sleep.  I think I am overtired or over thinking.  And then my nose is stuffed up.  Exhausted.  The heat at work is wearing me out.  I sometimes can't think.  Like sleep walking through a wet, very warm fog.

Since today is Saturday, my day off, I am cooking.  Making Carnitas with the on sale southern pork ribs.  They are slowly simmering in seasoned water right now and when that is gone they will fry and get brown and crispy on the outside, moist and tender inside.  Served with fried sauerkraut and onions. G will have potato gnocchi with his.  I may have a few.  A spin on an old favorite peasant dish my grandmother made.  Very heavy on the carbs when I made huge pots of potato dumplings.  And ate them like a starving peasant.  Never able to "fill" the hunger the carbs created.  Now I eat the pork and the kraut.  And am satisfied and Full.  It works for me.

I stopped eating yogurt for lunch.  Too hot to eat lunch and I am only working 6 hours a day.  So I bring a container of watermelon chunks.  Water and food in one chilled package.  I may have the yogurt and fruit for supper or breakfast.  But that would mean planning ahead. Hasn't happened yet.

I walked in the vegetable garden today.  Everything is up.  Small tomatoes.  Small peppers.  Corn is above my ankles. The potato plants are up to my shoulders and making flowers.  I think I should be cutting the garlic scapes.  Last season's kale has set seed pods.  No carrots.  The cucumbers and squash plants are still small.  Perhaps my tardy planting has saved me from the squash bugs.  Wouldn't that be nice. Borage has lovely blue flowers.  Peas are starting to fill out their little pods.  My Turkey Brown Fig has made so many leaves.  Looks wonderful.

I picked and squished by first Japanese beetle.  The second one got away. Right on time--4th of July. They were on the blackberry bushes.  Would be amazing if I actually get some fruit this summer.  The blackberries are still very small.  The foliage is overwhelming.  Such a huge patch.  But G forgot to pile the manure around the stems when he pruned.  I think they need food to make berries.  I allowed the raspberry bushes to make summer berries.  They don't look like they did.  I had hoped to get raspberries this year--instead of just feeding the Japanese beetles.  oh, well.

I saw an on line tute for painting a white tee with stripes.  Using painter's tape.  My sorry little pile of white tees are all stained and spotted.  I think some sort of embellishment or overall pattern.  I was also thinking of using the one sleeveless tee (that fits properly) as a pattern to make some others.  Out of old tees G has in the closet.  I could use one or two more for work.

G just phoned me from the garden.  Riley wanted to come inside.  How did we ever communicate before the cell phone???? LOL

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