Saturday, May 04, 2013

Work In Progress From Thursday

G made me slats to rest the Citrus Trees on when they come outside for the summer.  This way the pots will be able to drain and not sit in water on the cement porch.  I think plants like to have a bit of air under their feet.  We'll see if I am right.

The chimney is down.  The outside portions.  Now we wait for construction to break open the back wall and open a large six foot wide whole in the back of the house.  I went to the building supply to select the door for the opening and also chose a new front door.  It is "cottage" in style but made sense to me.  The top of the door and the one side light will have "lights".  Six in the door and six going vertical in the side.  The French Door will have "lights" also.

I have already made a STYLE mistake but I really don't care.  The sunroom has French Door style casements and the bedrooms have double hung windows with four over none.  Eventually, the front windows will all have French Door style casements.  I will live with the four double hung windows in the bedrooms as I did not want casements there.  And, really, who cares?

This is my "Project" even though G is helping me with it.  This entire bed filled up with grass when I neglected it 5 years ago by returning to full time work.  More of this is now gone as I worked long and hard on it Thursday.  The entire grassy area in front of that little brownish shrub is now bare dirt.  I also dug up and moved that little brown shrub, two peonies and a bunch of lady's mantle and geranium.  G is working on digging up the Siberian Iris (ugh) that are really thick and hard to pull up.  They are the things behind the little brown shrub. We are moving the clumps of iris to the low, soggy area (vernal pool when it rains in Spring, which it isn't doing this year) in hopes they will colonize down there.  If not, they can provide "mulch" to the area.  After working all day, we went out for Chinese and as I sat in the booth I realized my butt muscles really "hurt".  Like doing squats for a few hours.

Friday at work was something I prefer to forget.  I arrived to find a list of projects that had been "saved" just for me by the people who worked on my day off.  Sweet, huh?  Two very large planters and an anniversary order.  Plus, when customers asked if we had pre planted containers I just replied, pick out what you like and I will plant a custom container for you.  Really????  Well, yes, I said.  We do that, here.  And I did.

Today?  My second day off?  Well, I intend to finally start my tomato seeds.  Nearly three weeks late. Plant peas in my garden after scooping up the "too many" leaves I added to each raised bed, plant onions and get my potatoes planted.  Seems the variety I chose is the best one.  Good for me.  Oh, and take pictures, for you, of the trellis that G built for me.

The Black Bean Bisque didn't turn out.  The dry black beans never got soft.  So the bisque has got these hard bits in it.  Not nice.

My diet is changing.  I am going back to the 2007 diet of 1200 calories a day of just about anything I want to eat.  Written down and counted.  Every day. It will be different from 2007 because I don't eat sugar now and very little made with wheat flour.  I will still not eat bread, cake or cookies but will eat shredded wheat cereal again.  And oatmeal. And rice once in awhile.  And more vegetables and fruit.  And one day a week I will eat something completely "forbidden".  A Cheat Day.  And feel no guilt whatsoever.  Eating a high fat diet and being a pear shaped woman equals an increasingly large butt.  I think I even read some research on this.  So, the high fat portion of this life is over for this woman.  It was okay.  But not really "me".  And it wasn't working.

I have three pairs of work pants I can wear.  I have worn them most of the five years I worked.  In fact, the only things that don't fit are the pants I purchased last spring and summer.  And the pants I wore all last summer that I purchased in 2008.  I felt good about myself last summer.  Not so chipper this spring. I know that most Readers don't care about this portion of my life, but I do have to mention it--just so you know what else is going on.  Why I am sometimes not as cheerful.  Why I am frustrated.

Good news is that I already have a great suntan and that always makes me happy.

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