Wednesday, May 08, 2013

It's Supposed To Rain Tomorrow

I can't wait.  I feel so dry from constant sunshine.  And I am always covered in dusty dirt at work.  I have help now--and they water things, leaving me to do other, heavier tasks.  The greenhouse is LOADED with plants.

I selected two doors for the house.  One for the front and one for the back.  They are in a direct line from each other.  Now you come in the front door and see the brick wall and the wood stove thru the barrel roofed arched doorway.  In a few months, you will see French doors.  We are purchasing the screen doors along with the interior doors.  The front door is very sturdy and "thermal" so it will not as freezing cold in the foyer (I hope).

Work is rough.  Getting all the plant material into the greenhouses is hard work.  And we have so few veterans.  With old hands we all knew what to do and we did it.  With new hands, they do it and then we have to redo it.  Even if we explain.  Even if we show them.  New hands always think "we have a better idea".  It was true of me the first month or so I worked here and then I just gave up and gave in.  It's easier than being stubborn.  One stubborn employee quit yesterday.  A customer remarked "well, he's acting like a silly girl, isn't he?"  Well, yes, he was.  And I think when a 40 year old man gets that angry at a 16 year old girl (angry enough to quit in the middle of a shift) ---- well, I have to say, I'm glad he's gone.  Made her cry.

After work I had another short, volunteer, speaking engagement.  At the Adventist Hospital near my house.  On container gardening.  Quite a large gathering.  A few will be coming to see me at work.  So, good for business.

The VERY BEST part of going to the meeting, was seeing a "famous" quilting teacher and book author who lives nearby.  I was her room mother when she taught at Maine Quilts in 2000.  And I took a class from her and we enjoy chatting.  She had come to the meeting and ran after me to share a hug and some conversation.  She has the 12x12 book and wants to see my pieces from "playing along".  So, we will manage to find a time to do just that.  We are both wearing our hair very short.  Me because it's easier to care for.  She, because of chemo.  I hugged her as we parted saying I was very happy she was well and still here.

There really are so many people who take the time to stop and see me and have conversation.  It makes me feel good but then I wonder why I don't make more of an effort to reach out to people.  Do they see me because they are shopping?  And if I worked elsewhere, would we not see each other.  Am I just a natural loner?  A friendly, helpful loner but not a "gatherer" of friends.

Anyway, these are my thoughts today.  I have meatloaf in the oven and potatoes peeled and cut up for mashed potatoes.  I think green peas for the vegetable.  I had a piece of cold fried chicken for dinner at 8 pm yesterday (after the meeting).  So a good dinner.  And right now, a good shower.

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