Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

I have always loved my special day.  Even when I have to bake my own cake, which was what I always had to do as a teenager (12 to 18) or there would be NO birthday cake.  Even when there are no presents (which has never been that important).  Even when everyone in my family forgets.  I still love the day and am happy all day long.  It's the way I roll.

I have been wondering, for many days and weeks, about birthday cake.  There are a few low carb Muffin In A Minute recipes for chocolate flourless, sugarless "cake".  There is also the zucchini chocolate brownies made with coconut flour.  I could bake a flour less chocolate cake in the French ganache style.

Yesterday I had lunch with a dear friend, visited the Resale Shop (where I found really cute Born lime green flats with flowers on the toes for $12).  I was wearing something less baggy than usual and the Resale Shop owner finally got to see my 2012 "shape". She had previously been aware of my 2007 shape when I was wearing 10-12's and looked like a walking skeleton. She suggests that I wear close fitting tops that show off my little waist and ignore my hips and thighs.  Little shaped jackets.  Blouses with darts to shape me at the waist. Skirts with black tights.  Imagine the Jennifer Hudson ads for Weight Watchers.  That hourglass figure with the wide hips.

I have a haircut at 11am and then work until 6pm.  I am wearing the golden orange capri "test pants" to work today.  These are the pants I try on when I wonder if my diet is working.  They usually don't button, won't zip, or have pockets that pull open.  This morning they button, zip and the pockets are flat.  Happy Birthday.


Deborah Boschert said...

Lime green Born shoes with flowers on them?! You are the luckiest girl in the world. Happy Birthday!

Paula, the quilter said...

Happy Birthday! The "test" pant fit is a very special gift.

MariMo said...

Happy Birthday - enjoy your cake!

kathy said...

hope you had a happy day!!