Thursday, July 19, 2012

The View From My Back Deck

Not bad.  The weather changed overnight.  Cooler.  Breezy. Sunshine.  What a difference a day does make.  I was happy and dry all day at work.  LOL.  My planter boxes on the deck are filled with yellow daisies, magenta pink zinnias and a few white petunias (but no petunias in this box because the deer only ate the zinnias in the other box).  You can see the velvety green of the lawn and in the way back, my vegetable garden.  The tall things in the garden are my tomato plants.  Unlike my hairstylist, we have not eaten any tomatoes yet. We discuss all things garden related as I get my hair cut.

I spent a very pleasant bit of time on the back deck deadheading the daisies and zinnias while Riley enjoyed the cool lawn and breezes (waiting for G to get home).  A perfect afternoon.  Something to remember.

G is home.  A very busy day for him, today, as the Yarmouth Clam Festival is this week and weekend.  The Clam Festival is the "reunion" event for anyone who has gone to school in Yarmouth or lived there at any time in their lives.  The guy doing the evening news on NBC (Brian Williams) will be in Yarmouth for the Clam Festival.  Lobster, fried clams and Lime Rickeys.  Oh, and a very nice parade to start things off and an interesting Craft Fair.  Maine, the way Life should be.

Time for me to take a nice shower and think about making big salads for dinner.  I also have all that zucchini to make into something.  Like chocolate zucchini brownies. Decadently delicious.  But not wheat free.


kathy said...

lovely little hideaway to enjoy a good book!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

What a wonderful, wonderful back yard.

Barrett Elmore said...

It must have been wonderful to see your vegetable garden from your deck! It makes me want to go to a place like that to feel the breeze, relax, and appreciate such beautiful surroundings. Geez, you see? It brings out the poet in me! On my next vacation, I’m going to stay in a good house with a fantastic view from the deck. Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Great view! Nothing beats looking at flowers and enjoying the cool breeze on a sunny day. Any pictures of your deck though? Would be very interested to know how your deck’s arranged. :D


Christian Renwick said...

What else could be the best ornaments to place in a back deck? Of course, colorful flowers and vegetation! It makes the deck more gorgeous and attractive! Putting vibrant plants there is great since people really feel delighted when they see colorful surroundings. :)