Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Austin's Mary Rose

I love the English hybrid roses.  I love that they have too many petals and flop. I love that they have fragrance.  A customer bought a gorgeous yellow yesterday and I had to walk over and sniff the rosy perfume of it.  I would buy one of everything if I had room for them.  And if I could stand the eventual death of them with Maine's fickle climate and my less than perfect care.

For those of you following the dog episode.  Riley was MUCH improved yesterday.  He focused his warm, intelligent eyes on us again.  Something we had been missing since Friday.  He slept.  He came up to the back door and barked to be let in.  He ate.  He even nosed open the bathroom door so he could see what I was doing in my bathroom this morning.  Hard pressed to be any kind of sad today.  Riley is back. Bayer thinks it is an allergic reaction which the dog can't process so he runs away from the place where it began.  In the house.  This is a pattern with Riley.  If a dish breaks in the kitchen, Riley can't walk into the kitchen.  Ever.  Because it might happen again.  It "will" happen every time he walks in the kitchen.  That sort of thing.  Riley is very lucky that we try and keep his life problem free.

I switched up the way I eat my regular food.  I had my eggs for dinner.  I know.  Who would think to do that? (laughing) I have plenty of time to sauté and stir and add things to the omelet after my shower.  I was even sad that I didn't have an avocado to slice up on top. (plan to fix that by stopping to buy some today)  For breakfast I had oatmeal (the cereal with the lowest carb footprint) with flax meal and wheat bran added for bulk and fiber.  I ate the gloppy cereal with heavy cream to insert the fat I need. I'm not sure this is good as I was a bit dizzy at work.  Not used to the carbs which are mostly sugar.  I kept expecting to tip over and fall down.  And then I hit my forehead on a hanging plant.  Hard.  Then, I was actually really dizzy.  So, cereal in the morning may not be a good thing.  I am having difficulty thinking of tuna and mayo as breakfast.

I had intended to do some more planting in the garden--it is raining a bit harder than I anticipated. (I don't mind getting soaking wet but I just don't feel like going out there) I have a few SunGold tomatoes to get in the ground and then I think we are done.  G has the purple carrots to plant.  Not much space left.

The weather means another very slow day at work with plenty of busy work.  For me that means picking dead blossoms and bad leaves off of plants.  For hours.  This is the only time when I think having an office with a desk, chair and a computer and some papers to sort and file would be lovely. I will be taking the entire pot of brewed coffee to work with me today in my stainless thermos.  Some of my co workers will be calling out "sick".  I need to dress in long pants, a sweatshirt and socks.  Next Wednesday is Book Sale Set Up Day.  Chaos to Order.  I have asked for that day off.  I could use some of my vacation hours but we'll see how the schedule works out.

Today is the 13th and on the 19th I have to reveal my 12 by 12 Spring piece.  I have been feeling around in my head for what I think I might want to create.  What Spring 2012 felt like.  Winter 2012 was easy.  Melting snow and brown underneath.  What did Spring feel like?

I also entered a 10 by 10 art show.  158 artists in our community make a 10 by 10 piece which slides into a black metal frame (we pay a ten dollar entry fee which pays for the frame).  Then the work is exhibited and sold for $200 each.  The artist gets $100 and Arts Are Elementary gets $100.   I have always missed the entry date.  This is my first time and I am a bit nervous.  The artist gets their work back if it doesn't sell.  Sort of a "walk in shame" to pick it up in the day specified.  I have observed the framed and displayed work over the years they have been doing this.  I think I can do it.  I am neither the best or the worst.  I just need to "speak" to one person with my work.

That's my "plate" for this Wednesday in June.  Enough and not more.

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Deborah Boschert said...

I love this 10x10 project. I can't wait to see it!