Friday, April 10, 2009

Frozen Pansies

Thawing on the floor in the sunroom. It got down to the 20's last night and because I had been out raking acorns off the lawn in my shirt sleeves yesterday afternoon, I forgot to bring my little pot of pansies in for the night. I don't even want to think about all the pansies at work, outside, and the hosta, outside. By the time I get to work today (11am) whatever can be done, will be, and that's the way the weather rolls.

I brought home four empty coffee cans and a big roll of newsprint sections (unprinted) from work yesterday. The cans come in handy for scooping fertilizer and lime out of the bags. The paper is just nice to have in case some five year olds come to visit and want to draw and color with crayons. It could happen. Or I can cover the dinner table with paper (like restaurants do) and hand out markers and crayons to my dinner guests.

My life was much different when I was in the habit of covering the coffee table with long sheets of blank newsprint (the newspapers would give the roll ends away in those days) and letting my two small children color while they watched Sesame Street in black and white. I taught them early on that television was secondary to some other activity. We did lots of crafts. We would have been coloring eggs today. And I would have my Easter Tree decorated with eggs, chicks and rabbits. All hanging by threads from branches. When I mentioned this at work it was greeted with "that's so Martha Stewart".

G cut a branch that had broken off a (possible) crab tree next to the place where he works and placed it on the counter in a glass vase, with the hottest possible tap water, to force blossoms. The customers are waiting to see what happens. I said he could hang some eggs on the branches, so I think that's what he will do on Saturday. It's sad that we can't do things like this at my place of work.

Today G is attempting to make some headway in the downed branches littering the front lawn. And if he remembers, G and Riley can drive over to the greenhouse and inspect and carry home the two fruit trees I purchased last week. A peach and a plum. And G has to sweep the road sand off our daughter's lawn. And it would be great if he had time to vacuum. A day off from work. LOL

I need to get dressed for work, make the bed, wash the breakfast dishes and take the compost bucket out to the compost pile. I semi-raked the back lawn after work yesterday where I raked all the gravel in the annual house. I'm trying for Michele Obama arms. I already have the hips.

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