Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday, Can I Get It All Done?

There was a dog here when I picked up the camera.

We have had our "official" first frost overnight. The grass is white with icy moisture, the dahlias are black and the colorful oranges, yellows and reds of the hardwoods are now all a mottled brown. Soon they will drop all their leaves in big wet piles. The "Dark Times" begin. I have the furnace running but it doesn't seem to be getting any warmer in here.

Today is going to be a marathon of work and frustration. I have been invited to collect all my "stuff" and bring it in for examination (with very short notice) with the possibility of a two month exhibition at a very NICE venue. I was excited. Then I began going through my "collection" and the amount of work needed to get it all ready for Tuesday morning (the call came Friday afternoon) is overwhelming. Add to that the specter of being rejected and you have an event of epic proportions.

Yesterday would have been a good day to work on this but I had committed to a Master Gardener Conference with a friend and just couldn't justify skipping it. We see each other so rarely and had made plans last month for this one day together. So all I have is today. And I can call in sick to work on Monday if things go badly today.

I have work to prepare for hanging. I don't always sew on pockets. I have a quilt to "borrow" from the library and it needs a hanging pocket or something. I have new things which are not finished. No backs or binding or pockets. I have a work in progress (beginning) which I would like to show because most of the work is older and this is new and more in keeping with my interests now. I have two framed pieces which hang in my bedroom which I love and refuse to sell but want to show. If I bind two more pieces they can also be framed and shown and sold.

The shadowbox frames were purchased from Pottery Barn and I kick myself daily for not buying 10 of them before they were discontinued. A gorgeous frame for $59 seemed too expensive at one time and now seems like a really good price. Stupid mistake.

Nine in the morning. I bid you adieu and will check in on Tuesday to let you know if I made it into the gallery or not. Luck will have nothing to do with it. It's all hard work.


Life Scraps and Patches said...

Even if luck has nothing to do with it, I'm wishing you some any way. You'll do well.

gema said...

Ah, I hope you'll be able to meet this deadline. What a great opportunity, but one must wonder who the organizers of these exhibits are who call in at the last minute.

I really liked your previous post. But I'll put my thoughts together and write later. I am living in 'crazy' house at the moment.