Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There's No Business Like Show Business

Well, I have entered the world of quilt show business. I have had my "body" of work accepted for a very large fiber gallery show. A one woman show for two months. This is all more than my ego can process tonight. I am having wine and potato chips to celebrate.

Tomorrow, I will wonder about the business cards I need. The post cards I need. The poster the gallery will be making to advertise "my show". All the aspects of this SURPRISING development that was offered to me at 3 pm on Friday. I am having trouble believing all this is happening to ME! ME! ME! Tomorrow I will work on the "price list".

I worked all weekend and called out of work Monday, to keep working. Last night when I went to bed, I was sure it was all for nothing. I had hit the "wall" of complete exhaustion. My dear husband was sure of my success. He is always my best supporter. His job, this morning, was to deliver the works of fabric art to the gallery for examination, while I returned to my job.

The gallery director called me at work, happy. So happy. And I am still in shock. They liked my work. They really liked my work.

So okay. I think maybe my feet will touch the ground any minute now.

Or not.


gema said...

I am so very very happy for you, I am sitting here grinning from ear to ear. You are GOOD, very very good. Now I only hope you can start believing it too.

Oh, before I go. May I have your permission to copy those blackbirds? Don't know where I'll use it or them but maybe one day. They are wonderful. I have lots of them in my yard but never thought of them this way...LOL...

Deborah Boschert said...

Hooray! Maine art goers will be so happy to see your fantastic work.

Unknown said...

Wow Wow Wow fantastic! enjoy evenby minute of the expereince - you desreve it. And all details on eth blg please - I lurke a lot but I read every post!

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

thats awesome joanne!

kathy said...

I stopped into the gallery to pay my membership and found out your exhibit was going up the NEXT day!! How disappointed I was to miss it by one day....now I'll just have to take another trip south to see!

dee said...

What fabulous news. No wonder your feet are not touching the ground. Pictures when you can...please?
The crows are really cool.

MariMo said...

How I wish I could say your work in the gallery. I have admired some of your pieces just by seeing them in the internet - I can only imagine what they look like for real. I am so happy for you - you deserve this so much because you're so good!
Warm regards from Hattersheim/Germany - Marianne Mohib