Saturday, October 04, 2008

Is It Done Yet?

What do you get when you mix a bushel of Concord and merlot grapes with 20 pounds of sugar, four boxes of pectin, dozens of glass jars (which are very hot), a big canner full of boiling water, and electric stove element (red hot) and a puppy?

So far ......... I have one batch of grape jelly (didn't follow directions), (boiled over all over red hot stove element), (steam burn on hand while removing jars from boiling water). I also have a second batch of grape jelly (followed directions), (no boil over), and (no burns). I am now preparing (boiling for 10 minutes) the last bunch of tiny jars and a few pint jars, the last five cups of grape juice (I poured what was left down the sink because I am SO OVER making jelly right now), and I had to go to the store for lids, pectin, and 10 more pounds of sugar.

The puppy was motivated by his "lunch" to cause problems with the first batch of jelly. After all the DRAMA he decided to take a nap in another room until I was done making a jelly mess. What can I say? He's a genius.

What's Good Here: G is home from work, I got a cool book to read, a friend sent a huge bag of silk scraps my way, the sun is shining and we're having Thanksgiving Dinner for supper tonight minus the pumpkin pie. Tomorrow I'm making the Barefoot Contessa cheesecake with chunks of the super size Snickers bar I purchased today. Carbs Rule!

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Libby said...

Jelly's nice. Can you make wine with those grapes?