Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Week In Review

The days are going by in a "blur" which always seems to happen once fall arrives. From Halloween to Christmas is just a matter of minutes in time.

The days at the green house are full and varied. I have questions to answer, plants to haul to and fro, bugs to fight, floors to sweep and lunch to look forward to. Yes, I admit to having lunch as the high point of my day. See, I get to actually sit down and be still at lunch.

Yesterday I hauled mums, watered the greenhouse, sprayed bugs, unloaded the big truck from Florida (foliage, cactus, orchids), packed up all the cut back perennials (hosta/iris) for shipment back to our solar greenhouses, scrubbed the floor where Maxine the cat peed, helped a customer select a new family member for his household (a kumquat tree named George), potted George, wrapped George in plastic so the car upholstery stayed clean and wished them both a happy and productive life together. While I did all this, George's new owner was texting all his friends regarding his new plant. No pictures. At one point in my day, I punched out and drove into town to pay my real estate taxes. Very patriotic.

On that subject, being patriotic for paying taxes. I wonder how we would all live if no one paid for services rendered and expected? I know Palin doesn't need schools (home schooling), fire or police protection or health insurance. The "government" provides all that for free for it's employees. And, gosh, the "friends" of government also build houses for "free". George Bush (both of them) held "fund raisers" to collect millions in cash for a "new house" for AFTER they left Washington and returned to Texas. Palin got hers BEFORE. Oops.

So what would it be like if no one had to pay taxes? And we still waged war. Well, I think it would be like it has been for eight years. No roads or bridge work done. Potholes everywhere. No Child Left Behind testing rather than any actual teaching. Raises for all government employees. Fantastic health insurance plans and retirement benefits for congress and all the employees in the military. And for the rest of us? Stay healthy. Or die. Makes no never mind to this administration. None of the wealth or benefits will ever trickle down to our level.

So we pay our way. Taxes. Drive on roads that destroy our cars. Pay way too much for gasoline and heating oil so Texas oil companies have "extra cash" to share with George (for his house: they shared close to 70 million $'s with George and Laura this summer so she could go "house shopping"). Have our kids in school learning the answers to the state questions so they get a good score but can't make change or answer simple common sense questions or find states or countries on a blank map. Have government employees who refuse to accept anything but the highest quality health benefits in contract negotiations but refuse to cover uninsured children.

And wait for another Republican to FINALLY end the Social Security system they absolutely DETEST. See, if you can't take care of yourself, or have friends and family to take care of you, then WHY should Republicans have to help you out???? Just die and save everyone the trouble of taking care of you. An actual Republican said this to me. A sweet, rich elderly woman. Everyone on welfare (social security) would be better off --- dead. As they are are not "contributing" by earning a "taxable" living. And the disabled? Well, you can guess what she had to say about that.

People, we need to vote for the "smart one" this year. Really!

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