Thursday, August 07, 2008

Painted Book Pages

I have been painting pages torn from old books and then tearing the pages into segments and pasting them into my journal , adding pen marks to define the shapes (usually flowers) and then doing my regular journal writing along side the collages.

This small act of "making art" is sometimes all I can manage to fit into my days this summer. Not that I'm doing alot of other things. The day just disappears and I have nothing but food on the table, clean clothes folded and a well walked dog to show for it.

Today G is home, also, so I am hoping to find a few hours in my studio along with the domestic work of the day. Maine is having Fall weather. Those acorns really were forecasting an end to summer. It's cold and rainy. Sweatshirts and long pants. Socks. My tomatoes may never ripen if the sun doesn't come back! I think my dirt needs more cow poop.

Thank you to everyone on the lovely comments on my 12 by 12 collage. It warms my heart to have such positive feedback! And to be tagging along with such a talented group of twelve artists. The next challenge is Shelter. If you had to suggest a subject for a block, what would you choose?

Today is Thursday and I promised myself I would have a couple of boxes for Goodwill on each Thursday this month. I haven't done a thing about filling even one box. I have been working on my Suduko puzzles. I solved ONE. That triumph has gone to my head and now I think I should be capable of solving them all. HA!

The "return to the diet" is going well. Measuring portions, no dessert, no chips. My co workers have admitted to gaining weight while working at the greenhouse. So busy (physically active) that we get hungry and eat more than we normally would. I think we also eat quickly. Not as satisfying as eating slowly. But lunch is always interrupted by customer questions, calls on the walky, delivery trucks needing to be unloaded and just plain being too hungry to eat slowly.

And now that the physical pace at work has slowed WAY down, we eat because we are bored. Yesterday everyone had a Suduko puzzle they were working on whenever they had a free moment or two. I think maybe Suduko is Japanese for f**k.


gema said...

Your journal looks so fab, are you using Molskine? (hope the sp is correct)

dee said...

thanks for clearing that up. I've always thought that's what Sudoku meant. At least I hear a lot of it while the working is going on. Loved the 12x12 and it's great that you're following along with the group. I'd like to see the results for the word passion.