Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cherry Tomatoes!

Finally! The garden is producing lots of cherry tomatoes (Sun Gold) which I am roasting in the oven with a bit of olive oil and then packing into quart sized freezer bags for future meals. I also have a huge pile of Red Lightning (Very tasty) tomatoes to roast and pack for future tomato soup. I've made and sent two half gallon jars of refrigerator pickles over to my daughter's house. The fridge is looking a bit more manageable.

The kitchen counter top is another story. I have a pile of Polish tomatoes of the slicing variety. Big and meaty. The seed for this tomato (Johnny's Seed) is a new purchase for me but I will grow it again.

My pepper plants are full of peppers, even the jalapeno which I have heard is tough to grow here in Maine. The eggplants seem to have given up. So many plants and so little fruit. I may not waste garden space on them next year.

At Thursday's lunch date with a fellow art quilter, her remarks regarding the paper collage work I was doing and how it could translate into fabric, have gotten me all interested in working again. Such a simple observation and such a cool thing to attempt. Thank you, J.

My work schedule remains the same for September. Four workdays and no weekends. I now have the afternoon/closing shift on two days instead of one but since we close at 5:30 it doesn't matter much. The start time is delayed to 9:30 but I can come in whenever I want before that. I was sort of envious of everyone who got a 48 hour a week schedule. For awhile. Then I thought about working 48 hours a week. Yikes! If I come in early, I can get almost 40 hours a week in four days. It's up to me. I'll need to pack a bigger lunch for the longer day!

G has gone out to purchase new shoes for work. When you work on your feet, good shoes are very important. I had to purchase a new pair of Crocs for work. Baby blue this time. I had worn all the little tread things off the bottoms of my hot pink pair and was in danger of a nasty "slip and fall" adventure on the wet cement floor of the greenhouse. I purchased the Crocs at the very end of April and it's now the end of August. Not much durability for such an expensive rubber shoe. Four months. So I will probably need to buy a third pair in January. Unless Crocs reads my blog and sends me some free shoes. Size medium, please.

Well, I have to continue roasting tomatoes and I need to bake some bran muffins. No more time to spend with you. The Blue Angels will be here next week. The dog will be terrified when they fly over the house, repeatedly. I live 6000 feet from the end of the runway they use. P across the street is having a "Blue Angel" party with food and drink next weekend. Have a lovely Labor Day Weekend! See you in September!

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