Sunday, June 03, 2007


Just when I think it's safe to get all comfortable with myself and my life, I go and screw around with it. Like picking a scab. Just can't leave some things alone. The picture is of a baking sheet I use to make breakfast biscuits. Used to make. No biscuits for this girl. Now. And I seem to be wondering if I should be making rusty fabric. Not that I know anything about the process of rusty fabric. And why would I want some?

Anyway, I was not happy with the way the kennel had treated G when we took the puppy back and so I began an email dialog with the kennel owner. She was still not nice. I worked my usual magic (???) and after 4 emails she was actually being kind and decent and THEN the other shoe drops. Would we be interested in another dog. Older (3), female, fox red (reddish yellow lab), trained. Recently the mother of 12 pups (9 black and 3 yellow). Will be the mother of another litter next year. Of course I made the mistake of showing the email to G.

I thought it was safe. It wasn't. Now we are not getting along. I'm not sure I want a dog. I just wanted to rid myself of bad karma. Perhaps this is my karma????

Here's my scrap African style piece. It's just ironed to the fusible batting. Not quilted. And today at Marden's I spent $3.36 TOTAL on 4 plus yards of white cotton twill. I did not buy anything else. So very proud of myself. And since you asked, I plan to paint it. With very cheap acrylic paints.

Planted--under duress-- radishes, green beans, zucchini and butternut squash. Fertilized everything including cabbage, brussel sprouts, and the place where cucumbers will be some day soon. And cut and placed red plastic "mulch" on the five pots of green peppers. The red plastic worked last time on the peppers and eggplant. Caused them to produce fruit.

My calendula (pot marigolds) already have mildew (white spotty stuff on the leaves) as do the geraniums I bought from the same nursery. Me thinks they were infected before I even got them home. And the crappy weather today and for the next few days (cold and wet) will not help.

Lots of lightning and thunder tonight. We just "Do Not" get this sort of storm here in Maine. So, of course, G and I went outside and sat on the porch and watched the sky light up, crackle and explode. There was one big bang which has to have hit something but no sirens or fire trucks. And the electricity stayed on. That is also unusual as our electrical service is very "iffy" in the state of Maine. Wind blows. Lights go out. Snow falls. Lights go out. Rain. Lights go out. Squirrel runs into transformer. Big explosion. Lights go out. For a long time.

Turbulent. But I have new peaches and a big pineapple for breakfast fruit. And plenty of bug spray to protect me on my daily 2 mile walk. And tomorrow is Chinese Lunch. And I'm so NOT working extra hours next week. The dog can wait. She's not ready to go anywhere any way (after all those puppies). No rush.

Karma. Or squirrels.

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Sarah said...

I'm really diggin' your scrap African piece!