Wednesday, December 28, 2016

End Of The Year Image Clean Out

I am deleting all the images I used this year in posts.  And I, well I have been saying this for awhile, intend to try using my camera again.  Using the new, with each update, iPhoto is a real trial for me. It's been nearly 2 years since I stopped taking pictures.  Wasn't fun.

The carpenter will be calling us in January ??? with a date for the start of the renovation of two bathrooms and the kitchen.  Got to start using the IRA money this year.  I am ambivalent about this. I do WANT the new bathrooms.  I am not so certain regarding the new kitchen which involves removing a wall.  But I do have pictures of the kitchen I like.  And, in a joyful serendipity, measurements for the island and the pantry in the pictures.  G would say "it is meant to be".

As much as I like the look of the above--it would be a storage nightmare.  The basket on the floor?

As to the carpenter--- he said he would call 2 years ago.............. and didn't.  Overwhelmed with jobs.

I stayed up late on two evenings watching PBS's performance of the War of The Roses.  I must have studied this particular series of events in high school and college (I had a History major for one year) and even in English where we read a great deal of Shakespeare.  But it was all new to me.  The first two parts in one very late night and the last Richard III last night.  I am intending to go in search of more info on the lineage of the departed.  Like who was married to whom.  So many Henrys and so many Elizabeths.  This is information I probably would have learned if I had done the reading in school.

I am still working on my folding and sorting.  The towels, tee shirts, undies are all sorted and folded and lined up in jolly nice straight rows in the drawers of both G and myself.  The pants and pjs and heavier tops are folded and arranged in neat piles on the top shelf of the closet.  Small piles.  Thinned out to include only those clothes I actually love wearing.  The bags for Goodwill are full.

I got new measuring cups and spoons for Christmas so I cleared out those drawers and added the no longer needed things to the Goodwill bag.  My daughter wasn't happy when I put my very first set of cups into the bag.  She felt I should be keeping them.  I told her I was going to hold them in my cupped hands, thank them for their service to me for so many years and then let them go.  She was un-moved in her objections.  This is why she is not going to be the executor of our estate.

And this is why I am doing this drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf, sort and removal..... myself.

I have to pace myself as it is emotionally tiring.  And the folding takes up quite a bit of time as well. Today I had to get rid of a favorite frying pan--the teflon was scratched.  My favorite pan.  I used it before any of the others.

The process reminds me of emptying my father's house after his death--- and the day long talking to him as I cleared out closets and cupboards.  Why did you keep this? Oh, you loved this sweater.  Really?? You needed 12 of the same pair of jeans? Why so many belt buckles?

Now I see more of him in me each day I sort and eliminate.

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