Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Something Pretty

The guys were back this morning and Riley was over the moon happy to see them.  They kept asking him if he wanted a sip of coffee.  You can imagine how happy he was just thinking he'd get some coffee.

My 2000 pound rectangle of granite is here.  Along with a big tractor that G had his eye on. (the tractor was only visiting)  The guys drove the tractor on the side yard "road" and then up along the back of the vegetable garden and along the side of the property.  I didn't want them going over the top of the septic field.  It was in quicker than I thought and looks wonderful.  Then the guys used the tractor to scoop up the rotten wood G had along the left side of the garden (for too many years) and dumped it on to the burn pile.  Wow.  That was a huge favor.  Now G can reset the final rotten post for the garden fence.  And the mice and rodents can look for somewhere else to hang out. Even a snake.

J then helped me decide on the cabinet fronts.  He liked the same one I liked.  Now we'll see if we can get a piece of soapstone in a color that looks nice with it.  The "chalkboard" black made it look too "taupe".  Which means it looked "pink".   Not a good color choice on kitchen cabinets.  J also thinks we can get the soapstone in ONE piece for the countertop.  That would be sweet.

Today, one window got framed.  All the wood to finish off the window trim is here as is the clapboard  for the outside.  I will take pictures tomorrow of the one finished window and the granite step.  I can even show you a drawing of the new kitchen.  It's not the "professional" drawing.  I can't have that unless I pay for it or order cabinets.  We haven't gotten that far but I now know what they will cost.  I have to start looking at light fixtures, a new stove, a new hood and a new sink and faucets.  And I need to decide if I want gas or electric for the stove.  Gas is propane and I would need a tank and a line put in.  But I could then have a Rinnai endless hot water tank, gas logs in the living room fireplace and a gas stove with an electric convection oven.  J says I can have anything I want--if I pay for it.

Really.  You make one building decision and it's like a house of cards.  I want.  I want. I want.  Until the money runs out.   A neighbor is getting three new bathrooms this winter.  She's very happy.


Paula, the quilter said...

It is so exciting to see your kitchen remodel. I need a new kitchen floor because of a leak in the fridge's ice maker. The only thing I now want is a tile floor since it will be impervious to water and the hot Colorado sun beating in the sliding glass door. That sun has melted a vinyl floor and faded the laminate floor. Bah.

Karen said...

We put in soapstone countertops with our remodel a few years ago and love them. I don't know the name of the color but it's greys and browns with black streaks. The only heads up I have is that acids such as lemonjuice will stain them, but it's temporary.