Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Elephant Ears On Parade

I bought four large elephant ear bulbs at the end of 2012.  They were a dollar each and hard to pass up. I potted them up, seems like ages ago, and finally, with all the rain, they seemed to get interested in sprouting.  The leaves are about a foot tall.  So green.  Like a line of marching soldiers.  Some pots have more than one leaf growing.

I worked today and then got my hair cut.  I was a half hour early, so I got to catch up on my People magazine news.  I don't know who half (or more) of the stars are and don't care.  I like to look at their clothing and see if there are any fashion tips I can use.  Right now everyone seems to be wearing ripped skinny jeans and stilettos.  No tips for me.

I picked a handful of tender baby green beans in the garden today (and ate them raw), three cherry tomatoes, one regular tomato, a handful or raspberries (fed to Riley), one pickling cucumber and enough blackberries for my yogurt lunch (scratching my ankles bloody on the thorns).  My yogurt today was topped with sweet cherry halves.  I had forgotten how delicious they are on yogurt.  Yum!!!  There is a ton of kale out there to be picked and eaten.  G picked the first zucchini for me.  Yippee.  Still no sign of any yellow crookneck squash.

Squash is one of those things that seem to never get started when you want them to start.  And then, one day, you have WAY too many.  I like when you get a few things, enjoy them, and then get more.  I like the "enjoy" part.  I don't like the way too many to enjoy part.  I have plans for that first zucchini.  A nice little stack of eggplant, roasted red pepper and grilled zucchini slices with a bit of tomato and basil.

Tomorrow is my day off.  What I would like to happen--is to sleep until 8am.  Then make blueberry pancakes (or go to the Freeport Cafe and eat blueberry pancakes). Put gas in the car and then go visit Trader Joe's.  We need olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  It would be nice if they had red, ripe beefsteak tomatoes (perhaps Whole Foods?).  On the way home we could stop and see what was on sale at the Bean outlet store.  Then take a nap.

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