Saturday, June 01, 2013

Things I Am Grateful For Today

That the deck is finished.  Doesn't it look nice?  And those little holes aren't for birds to nest, but for air flow.  One thing I have to get used to; the composite deck gets VERY hot in the sun and burns the bottom of my bare feet if I stay on it too long (half a minute).

My darling Tomato Wagon.  Too hot the past few days to even think of putting these babies in the garden beds.  So they stay out in the wagon.  Watered and fed.  Some of the larger ones will be getting transplanted into larger containers today.  In fact, transplanting is on my list for today.

I am also thankful that "today" I am dressed appropriately for the weather.  Not like yesterday at work. Well, I was mostly okay but shorts would have helped.  It was too hot.  Too sunny. And for most of the day I felt dizzy.  Today I am staying inside the house where it is cooler.  Doing laundry.  G is vacuuming.  When it's hot (and the air quality is bad), I feel nauseous.

That I am not working today.  It feels like it's 100 degrees today.  Was supposed to be cooler with some rain.

That I have lovely white linen sheets on the bed.  They are so comfy in the summer.  And I switched to the flowered yellow duvet cover today also.

My sweet dog.  Who wants to go outside but knows it's too hot.  And, while he hates the sound of the vacuum, had to come supervise the cleaning of the carpet under his bed, and the movement of his toy pile.  Just to be sure all the toys were safe.  Some of them need to visit the washing machine.

A box of cold fried chicken in the fridge.  I got home late yesterday and G had bought chicken for me. Let it get cold.  That's the way I like it.  But, because we failed to communicate, I bought myself chicken McNuggets and a $1 iced coffee on the way home.  G was asleep when I got home (a nap) so he didn't know I brought home food.  I didn't know about the chicken in the fridge.  But I was happy about it.

Longmire.  New episodes every Sunday and the recorded ones to re-watch.  Even G is watching.

Short hair.  Yesterday I dunked my whole head under the break room faucet to cool off.  Twice. I had read somewhere that it is bad for our brains to get too hot.  I did it to keep my brain safe.  (smile)

That the guy finally came to spray diluted white paint on the big greenhouse roof (glass) and the temps went way down and the threat of sunburn went way down.  Still near 110 by the potting bench but no sun pounding down.  I'm grateful.

That's ten.   I have one more--those carrot seeds I planted (or was it the radish?) anyway--they turned out to be bok choy.  Really.  The garden has a real weird sense of humor.

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Annie said...

The deck looks lovely!
Working in the heat we had recently must have been horrid, I was uncomfortable, light headed for the few minutes outside as I watered my flowers. We have the air conditioner on and so comfortable inside. To think, a week ago we were freezing!