Thursday, March 07, 2013

Wanting To Get On With My Life

1.    Waiting for the phone call.  To hear if I am starting work next week.  Or not.  I'm ready to be done with long days at home.  Waiting is the hardest part of anything.  Isn't it?  But the dentist has called and I have a haircut appointment next week.

2.    My onion seedlings are popping up.  Tiny, tiny white threads with little seeds balancing on top.  And too much moisture in the salad containers.  So, today, I have the lids propped open to dry things out a bit.  Then we'll have to set up the light stand and the lights.  Where?????

 3.   My daughter suddenly wants to know when G and I are coming to install those desk cabinets in her kitchen.  We were waiting for her to be ready and apparently, she has BEEN ready and waiting for us to show up.  This is what always happens at the end of my furlough. Suddenly, too much to do, after having nothing to do.

4.   We may have to say good bye to the living room area rug.  Riley did a real number on it.  The usual carpet cleaner trick didn't do anything.  I will give it another try before surrendering.

5.    It's very cold and windy today.  No snow, yet.  Friday will be in the high 40's.  I think I also have "cabin fever" since we hardly leave the house these days.  I need to go out.  Besides the library and the grocery.

6.    We watched the final episode of "Life".  I just can't believe they cancelled such a good show.  G and I had a lot invested in Damien Lewis's character.  I'll have to Google to see if he's in anything else we may want to watch.  We tried the first episode of Inspecter Allyn.  Too old.  Like nearly 30 years old.  I remember being fascinated by the series in the "old" days.  Not so much now.  I think we'll try Damages next.

7.    I also have to think of something to buy and make for suppers once the meatballs are finished. I think G would like it to be chicken.  But what?

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Anonymous said...

Really, based on your blog it seems to me you have accomplished a lot during your comparison I feel a bit "unaccomplished" . I do enjoy reading "Wednesday's Child" and other blogs. What is the secret to balancing blog reading and completing one's own work !! I suspect it's high energy.