Wednesday, March 06, 2013


I already mentioned the leeks and onion seeds I have germinating.  But this morning I went out on the sun porch and brought in the paper bags full of unidentified seed heads.  My husband finds this ridiculous.  Unnamed seeds could be anything.  I, by processes of elimination, and good detective work now have containers of kale seeds, zinnia seeds from the glorious pink zinnias I buy at Loews every Spring, and coreopsis and rudibeckia seeds.  (I've tried four times to spell this right and give up).  I have another bag of seed heads which I think are from a White Flower Farm special coneflower. Another bag was labeled by a customer and contains seeds for black hollyhocks.

The work up top?  My own painted paper.  I was looking for something in the picture file that looked like "seeds".  I don't think this exists any more.  It got torn up and collaged. The paper was some sort of rough textured packing material.  From the trash can at work.

G took his pick up truck to the Town dump and dropped off  500#'s of scrap wood from his workshop up above the garage. He was shocked that it was so much.  Each afternoon he dresses in his workshop clothing and goes up in the unheated space and moves things around and cleans out spaces to use for tool storage.

I spent a good deal of time yesterday trying to find a quilting thimble.  My little bag of quilting supplies has gone missing.  I put it somewhere "safe" and it is indeed safe.  I did find quilting thread though. I find it very interesting that I purchased good spools of three colors.  Black.  Acidic Yellow.  And Lime Green.  So handy.  I stared at the three and wondered what the hell I had been working on or better still, thinking when I bought them.  No white.  No beige.  No tan.  The quilt I am quilting is is shades of brown and beige.  So I am going to use the acidic yellow.  Better than the utility beige I had been using for the first two days (it was useless).  My finger tips are sore.  Especially the "under the quilt" pushing finger tip.  I did find one thimble.  The useless silver one that has never fit correctly.

The Jehovah's Witnesses just stopped by to invite me to something.  I smiled (my new habit) and thanked her for the invitation but said I wasn't interested.  She smiled, thanked me and left. I like this new smiling habit.

Riley just returned from his walk and threw up on the living room carpet (and in the kitchen).  The way it smells--Riley must have eaten something that smells most foul.  Got to go and clean it up!!!.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

It's a good thing you love Riley!