Thursday, May 10, 2007

Seven Things About Me

I think I'm supposed to have seven new things but I'm forgetful. You may already know these things.

One: It's summer and I just had my first strawberry ice cream cone of the season. And the cone supposedly had more calories than the ice cream.

Two: I wear a size 16 (now) everywhere but at LL Bean where I am between an 18 and a 20. So I bought the 18. It'll be like Goldilocks. A little too tight, just right and a little loose in the next 6 weeks.

Three: I never really plan my quilts. I have an idea and just sort of start working and changing things until I make something. Which may not even be what I started making. Sometimes I may have an idea of how big it's going to be.

Four: I carry two checkbooks in my purse and always pull out the wrong one. Even though I look and think about it before choosing.

Five: I hated Survivor for years and said uncomplimentary things about my husband's taste in television (he watched) and never actually watched any of the series until they decided to go the Amazon. Well, I couldn't imagine how they wouldn't get eaten alive. So I watched. And then they did the 'Pirate' one and Rupert got me hooked. Now I wouldn't miss an episode, no matter how crappy they are and wish I had watched the early ones.

Six: My husband and I have been married nearly 39 years and still don't know the complete history of each other. Constantly surprised. Or is it just memory loss????

Seven: No one who knows me and my technology phobias, can actually believe I have a blog and post pictures and get around on the internet. It's sort of like finding out your mom was a Rolling Stone groupie. Huh??

Eight: Anyone else wondering where the hell they are going with Lost? And isn't "Sawyer" a great character? So much better than "Jack". And anyone else think Ben is a schizoid? I think that voice saying "help me" was Ben talking. And why didn't the cute guy in the woods get any older? The living dead? Anyone interested in dishing on this topic?


Unknown said...

I haven't watched the last couple of episodes because we DVR them and hubby has been off work, so he consumes them during the day. Erg! Anyway, I think they should have killed that freaky Ben when they had the chance. I can't stand to look at that guy! Jack's turning out to be much more of a wienie than I thought. And, I really like Sawyer's softer side that's coming out. When Kate came back, you could just see the love in his eyes.

Deborah Boschert said...

Is Locke really dead? Say it isn't so. He is such a great character. I won't believe it's true. Yes... love Sawyer. And now that he and Kate have been kickin' it, is she pregnant? Yes, Ben is crazy. I don't think it was Ben's voice. I think they deliberately didn't put the camera on him when we heard the voice so we would think it was him... even though we didn't see his lips move. What was Rosseau doing with the dynamite last week?

Deborah Boschert said...

I forgot to say that the whole Jacob's cabin thing was very freaky. I was watching with my hand on the mute button because that dramatic music was so intense.

Samantha said...

Sawyer is always getting the short end of the stick. He sees his parents die violently, grows up screwed up, kills the wrong guy, gets shot, has to almost die for the girl to tell him she loves him, then he's still in a love triangle with a good doobee, gets the crap beat out of him regularly, gets slapped alot, frequently gets caught in his island cons, gets beat at poker and pingpong, and now has been manuvered into killing Locke's dad coz Locke couldn't. Well, the guy deserved it for destroying any hope of Sawyer growing up normal, but this is going to weigh on him tremendously. I got sniffly when Sawyer was throwing up after killing Locke's dad.

As for the whole Jacob thing, I think Jacob is real but a manifestation of some sort of the island, maybe some dimensional issue.

And I thought I was the only one who noticed hot Richard (long hair/short hair)doesn't appear to have aged a bit but Ben did and not in a good way.

Deborah Boschert said...

You remember Richard from Veronica's Closet, of course. Did you see Jacob sitting in the chair? There was a split second shot of a human image. I saw a screen shot of it on the web somewhere. It looked like Locke with hair.