Thursday, December 23, 2021

Daily Notes- Thursday, December 23rd Sunshine and 21 degrees.

 Occasionally, I use my brain to make life easier.  Today I pulled out the really old Scrabble game (we upgraded a few years (many years) ago to one with little indents for the tiles.  So they didn't move around. This old school one has a flat board.  

Husband was having difficulty with his Jumbles.  So he stopped doing them.  It's one of the exercises for his brain and thinking processes that I encourage.  So....I got out the little stand and assembled the letters and presented it to him and he figured out the word pretty fast.  So......that felt like a "good thing".

Nothing much on tv so I did a bit of sewing- felt bored and ate too many things- I tend to eat when not involved in doing something- be it tv watching, reading or sewing or even mending socks.  Today I have all the supplies for mending the underarm sections of my favorite sweater.  I have the cashmere donor sweater ready to cut into patches.  And my friend in Colorado sent me sock mending yarn so I will be using some of that for the patching.  I already mended my socks.

The sweater I am wearing is more patches than original sweater.  I have more of the donor for the sweater  I am wearing so eventually it will be a "new" sweater-all the sections being sandwiched and sewn together.  But who cares????  In Winter, I am wearing my old black wool ankle length coat. That's all people see.  The old white haired woman in the huge black coat.  When I do fall on the ice- I tend to bounce. Or at least I did bounce when Riley would pull me down to the ground on our snowy slippery Winter walks.  That old coat has saved me from serious injury.  Many times.

I mended and patched the sweater I have on.... on January 6th.  During the rioting at the Capital.  I was standing the entire time.  I could not sit down while all that violence was going on.  I patched.  And the patching looks like I how I felt that day.  This is the first time I have worn the sweater.  Since then. Pretty emotional.

I am thankful for my friend in Colorado (who I have never met) for sending the mending yarn for my socks..  I mended four pairs of socks that I love almost as much as these very old worn thin sweaters.  Daughter checks Goodwill on every visit for a black, dark grey or middle grey cashmere sweater for a one or two X woman. Even men's sweaters.  These sweaters are all over 20 years old.  One or two might be 30 years old.  They don't make them like this anymore.  New sweaters are very thin and they smell funny.

I  hand wash the sweaters with a very nice lightly scented body wash that Trader Joes used to sell..   They stay soft and bouncy with a neutral smell..


Paula, the quilter said...

Whenever you need more yarn, let me know. This year we are on the dry side of the mountains. La Niña. We haven’t had any snow since April? Doesn’t bode well for our fire season which is happening now. There have been three dry land fires in the last two weeks within my county. Stupid people and their stupid fireworks. On another note, Merry Christmas my friend.!

DianeN said...

Merry Christmas, Joanne. I hope you have a peaceful day.

Joanne S said...

Hey, hey Paula!!!!! Merry Christmas to you as well. and DianeN- ALWAYS nice to see a comment from you!!!

Kim Carney said...

I love patched-up sweaters. The best. I wish I had one ... I guess I could sew some on my favorite sweater with or without holes? I do darn my table linen. One of my faves is a beautiful linen, which I am sure they don't make any more with an L monogram. I carefully mended it many years ago. The kids said one year, you should get rid of this old thing and I almost slapped them. They will have to take it from my cold, dead hands LOL
I cleaned up my clothes the other day and realized all the great clothes I have not worn in two years. They are languishing and fading in a cabinet. Instead, I am wearing OLD Navy loungewear 24-7. I have vowed to change that.