Friday, March 04, 2016


Whenever a plant of mine presents me with the "possibility" of a flower (bloom) I am instantly positive about the future.  New growth.  New opportunities.  Freshness.

After an abbreviated Winter (here in Maine), Spring seems to be pushing forward.   My amaryllis are also flowering (well, one of them is) and budded.  Time to sweep the floor, pound the winter dust out of the pillows, wash the slipcovers and move ahead. Could I possibly move from No.17 on my To Do List?  Started on January 1.  I anticipated reaching 50 before returning to work.  Oops.

I read a very good mystery--Helen Olson--"Hidden".  A woman who has "disappeared" for 15 years is suddenly found.  I think it may have ruined me for other books for awhile.  We watched "Becoming Jane" about the (supposed) life of Jane Austen before she wrote any books.  We also watched American Hustle (2013).  Next up is Silver Something Playbook.  More Bradley Cooper but I can't see why women think he's good looking?  More ferret or weasel. IMHO.

Today is the one year anniversary of G's heart attack--so we are going out for a late lunch.

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