Sunday, March 13, 2016

Opening The Windows Day (Springing Forward)

Here in Maine we (me) look forward to the first really nice day when we can turn off the furnace and open the windows.  Letting out all the stinky winter air.  I will have to re-start the furnace (sadly) because tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and cold.

I also used the time to wash and dry the garbage can in the kitchen, the compost bucket and the onion and potato bins.  Things happen in all those places that are smelly.

I also changed the dog bed covers and sprayed the beds with Febreze.   I usually do this while the dog is outside watching G work.

My daffodils are growing by the day--the crocuses are blooming.  The earth, here in Maine is still quite solid--a bit of thawing in the area of the leach field, but that's about all.  Still, we are about a month early and this has really been a VERY WARM winter.

I feel much better knowing we changed all the air inside the house:  from Winter air to Spring air.

Winter Jug Update:  A few tiny signs of germination in two of the 14 jugs.

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