Wednesday, January 20, 2016

And The Wind Is Very Cold

The sun was out all day.  The wind was blowing.  The snow is melting during the day and freezing as soon as it gets dark so everything is covered in ice.  The battery in my car (2008Fit) has stopped working.  I don't drive it often enough, long enough or fast enough.  Takes the oomph out of a battery I guess.

I bought a huge pair of LLBean corduroy pants today @ Goodwill.  The only place I will buy LLBean, as I think they are way overpriced.  And the huge pair of pants fit--well, they don't fall down around my knees, but they are loose, the way I like my pants to fit.  These are house pants.  And work pants.  I like to be able to bend over.  They are also short.  I hazard a guess that women with the waistband width of these pants usually have really short legs.  I don't.  So I am  going to have to take the hem out of them and stitch a new piece of fabric inside the hem.  I do this on all the big, wide pants I buy @ Goodwill.  Some day a tall woman with a large waist will move into my town and donate all her pants to Goodwill.  Her LLBean Pants.

Yesterday I used my sewing machine (it's been a LONG time).  I had a bunch of trouble with it.  Tension.  Mine and the Machine's.  The bobbin case enclosure fell out when I tried to figure out why the needle would no longer go down into the bobbin (for regular stitching).  I don't know if all Bernina's have tricky bobbin case enclosures but mine certainly does.  I had to take TWO time outs before I managed to get the darned thing back inside.  Then had to fill the bobbin.  Then had to finish sewing. The work I was sewing on got thrown on the floor.  I don't like it.  It's not what I imagined for the interactive thing.  So, I am walking away for a day or two.  Then trying again.

I also had taken a Mucinex for my cough.  It made me feel like I had the flu.  And I don't.  But I stopped coughing.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

As far as I know, Bernina's all that the same kind of bobbin case. Next time, you might want to try a top drop bobbin - you just drop it down from the top beside the needle (and you can see how much tread is left.)