Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Walking The Dog

A long time ago I had G take this picture of me and Riley.  He was younger and didn't have a white muzzle. Gosh, he looks so black.  Like black velvet.  I don't know if I even own those jeans.  I still have the socks.

Life on the winter furlough is stuck in a rut already.  G gets up at 6am with Riley.  Then they go back to bed. I get up at 9:30 and Riley and I wait for G to get up around 10:30.  He eats breakfast and then we walk the dog.  Errands are done after the walk.  Lunch is eaten around 3 pm.  It's dark here in Maine at 5.  The news.  Book to read or television to watch.  That's it for the day. Occasionally I cook dinner or we go out instead of eating lunch.

I miss going to work.

Yesterday and today I scheduled a second one hour walk with a friend.  Well, two friends.  Just not both of them at the same time.  So, I am getting 2 hours of exercise each day and some conversation.

I also went up to the attic and got two more pairs of pants out of the size 16 box.  They need hemming so I intend to do that as soon as I hit publish on this post.  I was bored with the two pair I have been wearing for a few weeks now.  New colors are needed.  New socks as well.

All the laundry is done.  G vacuumed.  The dishes are washed.  I am reading another book--that's two this week so far.  None of the blogs I read have new posts.  It's like everyone has gone into hibernation.

I need another layer over my sweater--it's cold in here.  Once I sit on the couch I will be tempted to take a nap.  I'd rather not do that.


Must hem pants.

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