Thursday, May 08, 2014

I Made The Life Changing Loaf

From My New Roots blog.  It seems like everyone has made it and it turned out perfect.  Mine didn't. It's still wet inside and crumbles instead of slices.  So the "makes fantastic toast" isn't happening here.
The crumbles are very filling.   No need for lunch.  I eat the crumbled chunks with cheese.

The "bread" is more of a compressed granola with 1.5 cups of oats.  You can't really see the oats in the pictures and the recipe doesn't have nearly as many nuts and seeds as it looks like the "bread" has in the pictures.  Next time I will not add any sweetener.  I will add pumpkin seeds to the flax seeds, sunflower seeds and I think walnuts rather than hazelnuts or almonds.  You can pretty much "mix and match" by subbing something else in the same proportions.  Even cooked quinoa or some kind of flaked grain for the oatmeal.  But, until the "next" time I have to find a way to eat the 90% of a loaf I have in the fridge.

The weather finally turned.  It was warm enough in the greenhouse for me to take off the thermal undershirt.  But, now, at home, I wish I still had it on.

I am tired.  My knee is bothering me.  I have a laundry load of darks to get started.  I think a shower and a little lay down until G gets home from working across the street will do the trick.

The warm up--means I need to sort through the pants box for something lighter that I can fit into.  The thought of that is seriously depressing.  I have been wearing two pair of pants for over three months--because they feel comfortable and "non-binding".  Sigh.  Now, I have to try on all the pants in the box to find something.   Or just wear these pants I have been wearing for one more day.

There were customers today in shorts, bare legs and flip flops.  And customers in winter down coats with scarves wrapped around their necks.  People from Town and people who live by the Water.

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