Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Peeps are Peeping

The rush is on for Mother's Day.  Gardenias, Endless Summer hydrangea, mixed petunia containers and hanging baskets.  The phone is ringing. The floor is covered in dirt. Soil.  I arrive, in the morning, in driving rain and leave in sunshine, even though it's fitful and covered quickly by lovely blue grey clouds. Oh, to mix some watercolor and lay clouds on a fresh piece of white paper.

Tonight, the wetlands are full of water and the salamander peeps are singing their mating song.  Riley got to swim in several of his favorite watering holes on his walk with G.  The rain of the past few days has filled the low spots in the woods.  Freshened the air.  Greened up the brown we have gotten so used to.  Saturday I will walk the woods with Riley and see what has changed since our walk on Monday.  Everything?

I was too pushy today.  Not kind enough.  Tomorrow I will have a few quiet moments to apologize, I hope.  I need to allow others to do for themselves.  Yes, I may think I am better at it, but still, they need to make their own way.  Their own mistakes and eventually enjoy their own successes.  I overstepped today and stole, what could have been a great moment, from someone who may just have been waiting for such a moment.  It happened so quickly.

I also finally found an above the knee knit dress (black) to wear with knee length tights.  Target.  And I tried it on in the dressing room and got to see exactly what I look like.  I nearly cried.  There is no stronger truth on Earth than the mirror in a Target dressing room.

In other news, I purchased 24 rolls of toilet paper and 12 rolls of paper towels.  We were nearly out of both.

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