Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday, August 12

I like posting on Wednesdays. Wednesday's Child and all. Only one month and six days until my birthday. I love my birthday. You know that!

I am having a very lazy day today. I had the most puzzling dream and then remembered that on Monday I watched about 6 episodes of Mad Men. Which explains the dream. In the 60's, in a strange hotel with a strange man wearing suits. And a large amphibious creature working the front desk. And it was always twilight, never day time or night. The world of advertising.

Still watching episodes of West Wing. I am liking the President less and his staff more as the episodes go on. He's running for reelection. And the guy from NCIS was on the 2002 episode I watched this morning as a Secret Service guy protecting CJ from something. NCIS is my second favorite thing to watch this summer. Mainly because there isn't much Law and Order to be seen.

I visited the library this morning. We have had a shut down of the intra state library loan system whereby we borrow books from any library in Maine and a courier service shuttles totes of books around, sorts by library and delivers them to the borrowing library. The courier service quit. The state signed with another. After two weeks, they quit. The volume of books traveling is quite large. And my library is a huge borrower and lender. So we are left with only the books we have on our shelves (unless they were borrowed by another library before the couriers quit, in that case, they are still "somewhere" else). I want the new books I have ordered. Whine!!!! So I had to look on the shelves for something for me to read and more importantly, something for G to read. I have been selecting his books for years now. And he reads a lot of books. We are trying two new authors for G.

Then I went to the grocery and got onions, bell peppers and jalapenos to go with the zucchini from the garden to make more zucchini pickles. I have everything sliced and salted. In three hours I will be boiling water and cooking the vegetables in 3 cups of vinegar and 5 cups of sugar along with various spices. Canning time. Because it's hot and humid today. I sliced all the zucchini I had so that I can fill more than five pints today. I also bought vegetable sushi for my lunch. It was too much. I couldn't finish it.

My real estate agent left me an email message very late on Monday evening saying they were having a home inspection on Tuesday and she hoped the water had been turned back on. I called the water department in Ohio in the morning and left two messages and numbers for them to call me back. They didn't. And I haven't heard from the agent. I'm going to assume everything went well. It takes awhile to get the home inspection report.

The nervous tick in my eye has disappeared. My spider bite is healing. No redness or swelling. I'm trying to make an appointment for a haircut with a new stylist. No luck so far. I don't think anyone cuts hair on Wednesdays. I haven't walked the dog yet. Don't really want to but he's very sad about it so I guess I'll have to go out into the humid bug infested world and walk him.

G called me on his cell and then gave up, only the call connected already and didn't disconnect. I could hear the noises from the restaurant and I could hear him talking so I just kept yelling "HEY" and "HELLO" getting progressive louder each time and finally he noticed his phone had a voice inside it. That had to have been the most interesting thing that happened today.

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Annie said...

Oooooh, those lovely, lovely roses!

I frequent a small town library, much smaller than your town's I'm sure. I'm a bit frustrated as I've read every book in the place that is of interest to me, and they don't seem to get more of what I like.

I've tried the inter loan and wait months for the books, I no longer want to read them or have found the title elsewhere.

Speaking of getting books for the dh, I do, or try to do that too. My hubby decides he wants to read the one I want to settle down with, the one I got for myself.

: )